Best chainsaw under $200 dollars

Best chainsaw under $200 dollars | Top rated inexpensive | Cheap price chain saws review [2022]

Are you looking for a chainsaw on a tight budget? Chainsaws are the best tools used by arborists to make their jobs easier for them. Are you an arborist or intending to be one? Then, this review is for you. Read on to understand the unique features, specifications, and versatility of chainsaws under $200. Low price does not determine quality and efficiency. Moreover, the utility value is a parameter to measure and classify the machines.

If your budget is a bit bigger and you’re looking for even more options, check out our Best Chainsaws Under $300 review.

Now, let’s get started!

Model Type Rating Power Weight Chain bar length Price
Blue Max 8901
gas 5 stars

No 1 Best Product

45cc 18.19lbs 20” $$$
Xtreme power US
gas 4 stars 45cc 16lbs 22” $$$
Remington RM4214
gas 4 stars 42cc 15.7lbs 14” $$
DuroStar Frontiersman
gas 3.5 stars 40cc 13lbs 16” $$$
Poulan Pro Pr4218
gas 3 stars 42cc 13.5lbs 18” $$$
Sun Joe 12 –Inch Corded
corded 4 stars 14 Amp _ 12” $$
WORX WG303.1
corded 4 stars 14.5 Amp 11lbs 16” $$
GreenWorks 20312 G-Max
battery 4.5 stars

No 2 Best Product

40V 6.9lbs 16” $$$
Black & Decker LCS 1020
Best value for money chainsaw under $200 dollars
battery 4.5 stars

Best value for money

20 V 7.2lbs 10” $$


Best Gas chainsaws (under $200)

Blue Max 8901 (2-in-1) 14-inch and 20-inch combination chainsaw
Best chainsaw under $200 dollars - Blue Max 8901

Do you need the best gas chainsaw under $200? Blue max 2-in-1 gas chainsaw combo is the best among the known wood cutting gears available in the market.

It has more chain teeth that enhances quicker cutting of woods, an anti-vibration handle, and the ignition point is easy to operate. The product is designed to lessen fatigue and enhance a firmer grip while it is in operation. Without load, the 2-stroke engine can run at 2800 RPM and it has a single cylinder.

Features and specifications:

This product fits your needs because it has various features and specifications such as:

  • A mechanized bar chain oiler and an easy to start ignition structure (CDI)
  • The performance range is about 45 cc, which is 35% higher than other products
  • This product is ratified by the EPA
  • There are more chain teeth guaranteeing a faster cutting period
  • The machine has a lesser range kick-back chain brake, a handle that absorbs vibration, and a pro-tensioner
  • It has an attached gas cylinder and a two stroke engine operating at 2800 RPM without load
  • The kit contains a 2-in-1 bar and chain of 14 inches and 20 inches.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Safety structures Not durable
All around machine Expensive
Fast and reliable Large size
Robust engine

Customer perspective and feedback:

“Very powerful, fast and efficient chainsaw. It is great value for money”

This combo gas chainsaw is a heavy-duty machine for all your woodcutting and felling projects. Check customer reviews of the Blue Max 8901 Combination here on Amazon.

Best electric cord chainsaw (under $200)

Sun Joe 12-inch corded 14-amp lightweight electric chainsaw
Sun Joe 12-inch corded 14-amp lightweight electric chainsaw

Are you scared of emergencies resulting from accidental ignitions during chainsaw operations? Sun Joe 12-inch corded 14- Amp lightweight electric chainsaw is built to reduce the risk of accidental starting using a protective switch. There is also a plastic coating on the safety handle with kickback brake system.

Features and specifications

This chainsaw measures about 32.5 inches by 7.8 inches by 10 inches while the cord is about 12 inches long. The power source is the electric cord, which functions using a small ignition button.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy and powerful ignition system Less portable
Safety handle Needs power socket to function
Noiseless No customer review
Less stressful during operations
No mess with oil or gas
Maintenance features
In built safety switch

Customer perspective and feedback

“Great budget electric chain saw. Great for tree pruning around the house.” Check current  price of the  Sun  Joe 12 inch corded electric chainsaw here on Amazon.

Electric battery powered chainsaws (under $200) Reviews

GreenWorks 20312 G-Max 40V 16-inch cordless chainsaw with 4AH battery and charger
GreenWorks 20312 G-Max 40V 16-inch cordless chainsaw with 4AH battery and charger

Are you not tired of operating chainsaws that need gas to function? Enjoy your life and work with this noiseless electric cord chainsaw, GreenWorks 20312 G-Max 40V 16-inch cordless chainsaw with 4AH battery and charger included. It is a masterpiece designed by GreenWorks Tech manufacturers. They have been able to construct an automatic chainsaw that uses a rechargeable battery. However, you will be amazed at the battery life and the machine is compatible. That means, if you want to reduce stress and maximize energy input, then this saw is recommended for you.

Features and specifications:

Some of the wonderful features and specifications of this electric cord chainsaw are as follows:

  • Using a low kick-back chain and chain brake in order to enhance safety
  • Can function well with G-Max 40V Li-Ion system made by GreenWorks
  • The kit contains a 4AH battery, charger, and other equipment to facilitate the job
  • Supports user efficiency as Brushless motor technology provides minimum vibration of about 70%
  • There is 30% more rotating force as you will experience the highest cutting performance
  • DigiPro brushless motor technology offers a superior power machine that can make up to 100 cuts on a single charge
  • An automatic oil feeder to lubricate the system
  • Suitable for first timers and experienced users

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Less noise and stress Not fast in cutting trees
Adjustable chain Battery needs continuous charging
A versatile product
Long lasting battery life  
No pull cords  
No smoke, oil, nor gas  

Customer perspective and feedback:

“A battery powered saw so good that it almost totally replaces a gas chainsaw for all but the biggest of jobs.” See more info about the GreenWorks 20312 cordless chain saw here on Amazon.

Most reliable chainsaw (under $200)

Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 14-inch gas powered chainsaw
Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 14-inch gas powered chainsaw

Smaller trees and branches could prove difficult if you do not purchase the right chainsaw that can tame and cut them effectively. If you want a compact and reliable machine, you should purchase Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 14-inch gas powered chainsaw. The cutting gear is made with an anti-vibration unit, a 14-inches bar and chain. Therefore, it could be operated easily without difficulty.

Features and specifications:

Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 14-inch gas chainsaw has unique features and specifications. These qualities include:

  • This 2-stroke gas machine is a 42 cubic capacity chainsaw made to power the low kickback bar and chain enhancing its reliability and efficiency.
  • Built with a quick start technology that can make pulling the cord easier
  • Enables a comfortable and easy operation due to an anti-vibration system with a five-point structure
  • The chainsaw is compact and lightweight as it weighs 15.7 pounds
  • The handle is enwrapped with cushion to ensure it maintains equilibrium during operations

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight The mess of mixing oil and gas
Ease of use  
Reliable and durable  
Low kickback  
Automatic lubrication  

Customer perspective and feedback

“Great mid sized saw and great customer service from Remington.” Check out the latest price of the Remington RM4214 Rebel here on Amazon.

Most powerful chainsaw (under $200)

DuroStar 40cc 16” Frontiersman gas chainsaw
DuroStar 40cc 16”Frontiersman

Have you ever tried to start up a chainsaw and all your efforts are frustrated during tree felling? You need the most powerful gas chainsaw in the market like DuroStar 40cc 16”Frontiersman gas chainsaw, which has Oregon bar and chain. There is a penetrable air filter in this gas machine to enhance efficient functions.

Features and specifications:

The features of Durostar chainsaw includes

  • The product is lightweight as it weighs 13 pounds
  • There are six teeth sprockets with 0.375 inch
  • It has a chain brake intended to enhance regulation and control of the system
  • 2 cycle gas engine with 40 cubic capacity
  • Minimizes kick-back effect with the 16-inch Oregon double guard bar and chain
  • A handle built with an anti-vibration system to ensure comfort and minimize stress

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Anti-vibration system The challenge of mixing oil and gas
Chain brake feature No customer feedback
Powerful and efficient  
Lightweight and portable  

Customer perspective and feedback

“I had never heard of this brand before but so far I have not had any trouble with it.”

See customer review and feedback of the DuroStar 40cc 16″ gas chain saw here on Amazon.

Best compact travel chainsaw

Sportsman camouflage pocket chainsaw

Are you looking for the best camping, hunting, or survival gear that can help you cut through woods easily? Here is the best value for money chainsaw that can cut large tree trunks or small trees without headache. Sportsman camouflage pocket chainsaw is the answer to your needs. It has a chain of 36-inches long, free emergency fire starter, and ideal for any camper & hiker.

Features and specifications:

The features and specifications of this great saw include:

  • It has a long chain of 36 inches with long strokes and more teeth to cut woods faster
  • A pocket chainsaw suitable for camping and survival in the forest or wilderness
  • A top rated chainsaw in the American market
  • Maintains good body posture while in operations due to longer chains
  • Product comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Cuts higher and thicker branches easily

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight, compact, and portable The kit contains no sharpener for the chainsaw
100% money back guarantee Not reliable to cut larger logs
A water-resistant, shatterproof, and magnesium fire starter included in the kit Less cutting teeth
Robust, reliable, and durable
Has a very good customer review

Customer perspective and feedback

“I used this immediately it arrived. It functions great. During my camping trips, it was very handy in case of an emergency.” The Sportsman camouflage pocket chainsaw is available here on Amazon.

See more reviews of pocket chain saws and other hand saws suitable for hiking, backpacking, trekking, camping & survival. There are some really great manual hand saw options.


Most easy to use chainsaw (under $200)

WORX WG303.1 16- inch 14.5 Amp electric chainsaw

WORX WG303.1 16-inch 14.5 Amp electric
Operating chainsaws could be tiresome and enervating, especially for large projects and amateur lumberjacks. You need a chainsaw that can function effectively, which is also easy to use. One of the most easy to use saws is WORX WG303.1 16-inch 14.5 Amp electric chainsaw. It has a chain brake, automatic oiling, and auto-tension. This model is a great homeowner chainsaw.

Features and specifications:

The features and specifications of this chainsaw include:

  • This product weighs 11 pounds and the bar length is 16 inches
  • It is easy to maneuver and displays dynamic strength while in operations
  • Ensures adequate safety against kick-back using the chain brake
  • Essential for bush clearing, wood cutting, and trimming trees
  • This machine is powered by electricity and useful in the yard or farm
  • Does not produce dangerous emissions and smokes
  • WORX electric chainsaw is reliable, robust, and lightweight
  • The dimensions of this engine are 8.07 by 19.69 by 14.57 inches
  • The voltage utilized by this engine for maximum operations is 120 volts

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Needs no batteries or gas to function Not ideal for bigger projects
An auto-tensioning system A damaged cord can affect its functionality
Lightweight, reliable, and suitable for various cutting projects Needs to be within the range of a power socket
No harmful emissions Less portable
Chain brake system  
Ease of use  
No kickback issues  
Low maintenance system  
Very good customer review  

Customer perspective and feedback

“This product is very powerful for an electric chainsaw. The weight  is also very light considering the power which makes it easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone.”

The WORX WG303.1 electric chainsaw is avaliable here on Amazon.

Safest chainsaw (under $200) 

Black and Decker LCS 1020 20V max lithium ion chainsaw, 10 inches

Black and Decker LCS 1020 20V max lithium ion
This chainsaw is ideal and recommended for new users and those that are not professional lumberjacks. You can add it to your outdoor gears necessary to clean, trim, and cut trees around the home. Black and Decker LCS 1020 20V max lithium ion chainsaw is one of the safest machines you can use to cut dry or live woods. It has a 10 inches Oregon bar and chain.

Features and specifications:

The features and specifications of this chainsaw include:

  • It uses lithium ion battery to function, which retains its charge for a period of one year.
  • There is a powerful Oregon bar and chain measuring about 10 inches constructed to be efficient and effective in reducing kickback reactions.
  • It has a 20V Max. 2.0aH lithium battery that is durable.
  • Cuts through logs faster and easily using the tool-free chain tensioning chain
  • Has an automatic oil feeder that lubricates the system and a gauge to monitor the level of oil to ensure improved functionality.
  • A lightweight product with fade free performance and two-year warranty service from the manufacturer
  • You can start the machine with a simple switch, no ignition cords to pull
  • Low noise, no oil, gas, fumes, and air filter replacements to inconvenience you.
  • Does not require extension cords that could pose a challenge to you
  • The dimensions of this item are 9.63 by 8.81 by 16.7 inches and the weight is 7.2 pounds
  • The model number is LCS 1020

Pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Lightweight and compact Not suitable for heavy duty projects
An automatic oiler Needs charged batteries to function
Powered by lithium ion batteries  
No gas nor oil to mix  
Low noise  
Low maintenance features  
Easy to handle  
No pull cords, a simple switch can start the machine.  
Good customer review  

Customer feedback and perspective

“Black & Decker are renowned for their battery powered tools. They provide great power and fast battery charging.”

“This is a great lightweight & powerful chain saw”. Check out the Black and Decker LCS 1020 here on Amazon.

Xtremepower US chainsaw
XtremePower US 22” 2.4 HP gasoline

This gasoline chainsaw is powerful and cuts through anything easily. It is approved by the EPA and displays maximum power with low gasoline consumption. XtremePower US 22” 2.4 HP gasoline chainsaw is durable and gives low emissions of carbon during operations.

Features and specifications

  • The chainsaw weighs 16 lbs.
  • It has dimensions measuring 24.1 × 12.1 × 10.9 inches.
  • The fuel tank’s capacity is 0.55L
  • There is an EcoBoost engine producing low emissions of carbon from the machine.
  • Has the capacity to inhibit dust and other particles from gaining access into the engine.
  • The item is ratified by EPA

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Anti-vibration features Can leak gas
Chain brake system The mess of mixing oil and gas
Safety hand guard  
Prevents emissions  
Fuel efficient  

Customer perspective and feedback

Customer feedback for this model is mixed some just love it others have found some problems and consider it not very well made.

Check out customer reviews of the XtremePowerUS 22″ gas chain saw here on Amazon.

Buyers Guide

This entails the considerations you make when buying your chainsaw like:

The types of chainsaws

Chainsaws are the best machineries that can help you to cut down any type of tree easily. There several types of chainsaws in the market such as:

Gas chainsaws

Whenever you want to make a buying decision concerning the best chainsaws suitable for your needs, we can provide you with the latest guidelines that can help you to choose the best product. Some gas chainsaws are DuroStar 40cc 16” frontiersman gas chainsaw, Remington RM4214 rebel 42cc 14-inch gas chainsaw, BlueMax 8901 2-in-1 combo chainsaw, etc. These guidelines include:

  • Powered by gas

These chainsaws are powered by gas. They are powerful and built to handle versatile jobs like tree felling, trimming of shrubs, cutting of firewood, etc.

  • Durability

Gas chainsaws last long and very durable. They are made with the best materials to enhance their qualities. Despite the tough and rugged jobs these machines handle, they can be used for some years.

  • Easy to operate

You can easily start and operate these engines. It is capable to cope with the daily pressures of tree felling and trimming.

  • Well-built and strong

Built and constructed with top quality bars and chains, these gas chainsaws can run smoothly, making clean and regular cuts without breaking down easily.

Electric cord chainsaws

Are you not tired of the mess of mixing oil and gas before you can operate your chainsaw? You have an option to switch to electric cord chainsaws. Some electric cord chainsaws in the market are: Sun Joe 12-inch corded 14-Amp lightweight electric chainsaw, WORX WG303.1 16- inch 14.5 Amp electric chainsaw, etc.

These guidelines will help you to determine if electric cord chainsaws are the best for your projects, such as:

  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to use

These chainsaws are lightweight, easy to use and moveable around your home for cutting and trimming of plants.

  • Enhanced safety during operations

There is an in-built chain brake, low kickback bar and chain to enhance safety and reduce accidental contacts

  • No need to mix oil and gas

Operating electric cord chainsaws does not require oil and gas. Therefore, you do not have to undergo the mess of mixing these liquids together, refilling the engine, or running out of gas during operations.

  • Does not require rechargeable batteries

No rechargeable batteries are needed to operate your electric cord chainsaws. An optimum electric voltage connected to power sockets is ideal to enable your machine effectively. You will not encounter disruptions as long as the power is constant.

Electric cordless battery powered chainsaws

The job of a lumberjack has improved systematically with the introduction of electric cordless battery powered chainsaws. These chainsaws are the safest and easiest to operate. Examples of electric cordless battery powered chainsaws are GreenWorks 20314 G-max 40V 16 inch chainsaw, Black and Decker LCS 20V max Lithium Ion chainsaw, etc.

The guidelines you need to make a buying decision are:

  • Rechargeable batteries are required to operate these chainsaws

These types of chainsaws cannot operate without rechargeable batteries. You need to charge them for some hours in order to enjoy maximum output during operations.

  • Low noise output and easy to operate

Electric cordless battery powered chainsaws do not generate much noise unlike conventional ones. You will enjoy low noise and the engine is easy to operate using a simple switch system.

  • Lightweight and compact

A lightweight, compact, and moveable machine that is easily transferable to any location for operations. All you need is to have a recharged battery that can last for your desired duration of work.

  • No pull cords are needed

Are you still pulling ignition cords before you can cut down trees? Cordless battery powered chainsaws will save you from that stress and give you a faster and safer cutting experience using the low kickback chain and bar.

Chainsaw sizes

These chainsaws have various sizes according to their specifications like:

  • Sun Joe electric chainsaw measures 32.5 × 7.8 × 10 inches
  • GreenWorks 20314 G – Max 40V is 16 inches
  • Remington RM 4214 Rebel 42cc is 14 inches
  • DuroStar 40cc frontiersman is 16 inches

Guide bar length

The bar lengths of these machines differs like:

  • Black and Decker LCS 1020 20V is 10 inches Oregon bar and chain.
  • The bar and chain of WORX WG303.1 is 16 inches.
  • DuroStar 40cc is 16 inches
  • GreenWorks 20314 G-Max is 16 inches
  • While Sportsman Camouflage pocket chainsaw is 36 inches, etc.

Power source

Different items power each of these chainsaws depending on the specifications peculiar to them. Such as:

  • Gas chainsaws

This category of chainsaws is powered by gas. You need to mix the gas together with oil in order to operate the machine successfully. They are regarded as heavy duty chainsaws built for rugged and large cutting projects. Some of the saws classified under this group are Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 combination gas chainsaw, DuroStar 40cc 16” frontiersman gas chainsaw, Remington RM4214 Rebel 42 cc 14-inch gas chainsaw, etc.

  • Electric cord chainsaws

Electric cord chainsaws are powered by electricity currents flowing through cords attached to the engine and connected to a power source. You need to be close to power outlet in order to use this machine around the home. Examples of some chainsaws in this group are WORX WG303.1 16-inch 14.5 Amp electric chainsaw, Sun Joe 12-inch corded 14-Amp lightweight electric chainsaw, etc.

  • Electric cordless battery powered chainsaws

These electric cordless battery powered chainsaws Lithium Ion can be recharged for some hours before operations. Some of them are Lithium Ion batteries. Examples of chainsaws in this category are GreenWorks 20314 G-Max 40V 16-inch chainsaw, Black and Decker LCS 1020 20V Max Lithium Ion chainsaw, etc.

How to choose the best chainsaw for you

Choosing the best chainsaw can be a tedious task due to the varied specifications and features of each one.

  • Consider the type of power and substance that can operate the saw successfully.
  • Check for the length of the bar and chain. Is it big enough to cut large branches?
  • Can you work with the machine comfortably? It should have an anti-vibration handle for a firm grip.
  • Understand the dimensions and cubic capacities of the chainsaw
  • The machine should be durable, dependable, and strong
  • There should be an added safety feature like chain brake, low kickback chain and bar to prevent emergencies.

Two key specifications to consider before buying a chainsaw

Do you want to buy a very good chainsaw? Here are two key specifications to consider:

  • The source of power needed to start the machine
  • The manufacturer’s name and warranty information,
  • Consider bells and whistles

There are various customers’ reviews made about each product. Follow the links and select the type of product that you want.

  • Other considerations

Other considerations to make before buying are voltage, item model number, price, cubic capacity, weight, length of bar and chain, etc.

After you have done some felling (chopping down of trees) or pruning (chopping off branches), if you are going to turn the logs into fire wood you are going to need a good fire wood splitter. Ever wanted to know how to split wood with a log splitter? you are probably going to have a brush pile with leaves and branches. Some of this you may want to use for kinderling for a fire but other smaller brush you will want to chip or shred to use on the garden. That means that you are going to need a chipper shredder. Check out this review of the best chipper shredders for home use.



Tree felling and home maintenance has improved radically with the introduction of various chainsaws at affordable prices. You do not have to spend a fortune before you can purchase a good, reliable, durable engine that can make your projects easier and faster. There are different types of chainsaws in the market such as Black and Decker 20V Lithium ion chainsaw, GreenWorks 20314 g-Max 40V 16-inch, WORX WG303.1 16-inch 14.5 Amp electric chainsaw, Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 combo gas chainsaw, etc. Rechargeable batteries, gases, and electric cords are the sources of power needed to put these machines into operation.

Are you a homeowner? Maybe you would like to read our best homeowner chainsaw review instead.
Did you know that firewood is measured by the cord?


Are you looking for ways to increase output, maximize profit, and enjoy best value using your chainsaws? Here is a review of some general specifications, features, and customers’ feedback that can help you make a good buying decision. A careful study of these guidelines will undoubtedly help you to purchase the right chainsaws suitable for your needs.

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