Best Scroll Sawing Blogs

This is the full list of the best scroll sawing sites. I did the research to find the best scroll sawing blogs on the internet and you can see the results below. If you are starting to use a scroll saw then I am sure that you will find a blog to learn more about the craft. If you are looking to buy a scroll saw I suggest that you don’t buy one until you have read this review of the best scroll saws.

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1. Scrollsaw – Providing patterns for scrollers since 1996


About: Providing scrollers of all skill levels with patterns and project plans for their needs


Home page of the scrollsaw,com site.

A small, family run business with one major goal – to help you accomplish your plans and improve as a scroller. They have designed patterns and projects for beginners and experienced scrollers, so whatever you want to achieve can be found on this site.

This can be done in 3 simple steps – buy, print and scroll. If you dislike this way, you may order a hard copy of the designs, or choose a unique USB drive. The plans and patterns come for a normal price and in case you are insecure about buying it, there are several free patterns that you can try.

The patterns available are divided into different categories – Intarsia, fretwork, toy patterns and so on. For beginners, there is a special guide that will show you how to choose the scroll saw blade, the right tool, as well as the right wood.

On, you can see a big collection of many different projects, including toys, clocks and intarsia projects, Whether you are an experienced scroller or a complete newbie, this blog is full of amazing projects and patterns that you could use regardless of your skill level.


2. Advanced Machinery


About: Delivering quality tools for scrollers for more than 40 years

advanced machinery

Home page of the site.

In order to become a great scroller, you will need quality equipment and this site offers you exactly that. They started with Hegner scroll saws and expanded their shop with many more tools, trying to satisfy the needs of a typical scroller.

Believe it or not, these scroll saws were considered as a standard and stand as a synonym for performance and longevity. They are good for both professionals and hobbyists providing pleasure and superior productivity.

What is even greater, they don’t just sell you stuff, but also offer consultation, parts as well as service so, as a customer, you will get the most out of your investment.

With their scroll saws, you will be able to create intricate patterns, no matter what material and thickness you are working on. You can cut with it easily, ending up with clean and smooth cuts.

If you are looking for a quality tool to start with, this site is definitively worth a visit and it promises nothing but a positive experience.


3. Ocooch Hardwoods


About: Retailer and wholesaler of both hard and softwood, perfect for scrollers

ocooch hardwoods

Home page of the site.

Finding the right piece of wood can be a tough process, that will require much time and effort, and unless you are passionate about it, it is not likely that you will enjoy in the process. However, instead of going to the woods, scrollers now have another option and that is visiting this blog to find the wood they need.

With an experience of more than 20 years, Ocooch Hardwoods have proven to be very successful in meeting the toughest demands, delivering lumber of the finest quality. On their site, you are able to choose the exact wood you want to work with and each piece you will receive is unique.

So, as a scroller, you can choose between many different wood types, including walnut, cherry, hard maple, and so on. Plus, you can set the thickness, width, and quantity, and order the piece you need. Scrollers often require very thin lumber, and instead of cutting it on your own, you can choose to let Ocooch Hardwoods to do that for you.


4. Scroll Saw Paradise – Scroll Saw Education and Resource Center


About: Get some patterns and learn scroll saw cutting from an experience scroller


Home page of the site.

Developing skills from his early age, Bob respects the concept of learning, but now since he is very good with a scroll saw in his hands, he is able to spend more time creating. After years of working, he decided to start up a blog so he could help other scrollers from around the world.

Bob’s blog is the perfect place for every scroller, whether a newbie, intermediate or an experienced one, Scroll Saw Paradise is definitively something you should visit.

You will find many great videos that will guide you through the basics and help you make your first creations. You will be able to learn basic cutting techniques, blade alignment and tensioning, and you will proceed to many advanced projects.

Additionally, you will find many great patterns which are a great resource for each scroller. You will need to pay for them, although some of them are free, the price compared to what you will get is reasonable. So, take your scroll saw, visit this blog and start working.


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Best Scroll Sawing Blogs

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