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Wood Lathe Beading Tool

General Description

There are a lot of ways to make beads, but all of them require a certain level of skill. Yet, there is a special tool that makes perfect beads without too much hassle. This is the beading tool.

Types of Beading Tools

Beading Tool

The beading tool has a special cavity that imitates the shape of the bead. So, if you look at the tool from the top it will have a perfect U-shape cutting edge. As you might have guessed the bead is formed in the cavity between branches of U. As the beads might differ between each other, so the tools also have different sizes, though the standard size is 1/8″. You can buy a beading tool here.


Purposes of the Beading Tool and How to Use It to Fulfil These Purposes

As the name suggests the main purpose and usually only one purpose of the beading tool is to make beads. You can make either one bead or a row of nice beads. Below you’ll find a description of how to make a bead.

Making a spindle bead with an ordinary beading tool

First of all, it is recommended to use this tool on hardwood such as maple, oak, etc. This will help to avoid burrs and chunks. Launch the lathe at 1500 RPM. Place the cutting edge at the center of the spindle of little below the center. Do not rush and stick the tool straight to the spindle. If you stick the tool straight to the spindle, you’ll get a lot of torn green. It works a lot better if you start down low pull the tool up through the woodwork. Don’t push too hard, otherwise you can create unpleasant chips that might ruin your work. After you stick it in, gently wiggle the tool from left to right. Don’t exaggerate, and the tool do its job. Repeat until it turns round on top, continue turning until you create a bead of size you need.
It is also worth mentioning that after you created the bead with the beading tool it might require some finishing with spindle gouge or any other finishing tool.


Useful Videos

General Information On How to Use a Beading Tool

Detailed Explanation of How to Turn Beads on Different Types of Woodworks


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