Best wood lathe hollowing tool

Wood Lathe Hollowing Tools

General description

Hollowing tools differ greatly in terms of size, technique, and what is most important cost. From handheld small hollowers to enormous laser equipped systems for precise work, these are hollowing tools. But all these tools do one and the same–they hollow the wooden forms. So, that means that they must have something in common, right? That’s true. The tip of any hollowing tool is a curved metal edge that follows the form of the work. You may say that it looks like crescent moon.

Types of hollowing tools and where they may come in handy

Small handheld hollowing tools

As the name suggests they have small size to work with small forms. It is great for vases, ornaments, pots, and other small stuff. They are supposed to be held with hands only and positioned on the tool rest which can cause inconveniences if the shaft of the tool is too short for the project. There is also another problem with this type of tools–you are unable to see the cutting edge so if you don’t have enough experience there is a chance to make a hole in your work or make walls too thin. But you can use the straight part of the tool that is on the same line with the cutting edge to navigate yourself during the hollowing. The standard shaft for this type of tools is 1/4″. You can buy a hand held hollowing tool here.

Captured systems with lasers

Unlike the type mentioned above these hollowers have a firm grip. This means that the tool has a secondary tool rest that supports the weight. Now you don’t need to get tired during long hollowing the lathe and the tool rest takes all the stress. Another important improvement comparing to handheld hollowing tools is the laser guidance system. No more “blind hollowing”. The laser shows the exact position of the tip inside the form. You can also use the laser to show a gap from the cutting edge. For example, you place the laser on the surface of the project and when you reach the proper wall thickness the laser will fall off the surface indicating that this is the exact thickness you need. This type of hollowing tools is great not only for beginners and those who want to have perfect precision during hollowing but also when you need to turn extra deep forms such as long vases, for example. You can buy a laser guided hollowing tool here.

Large arm brace systems

This type of the hollowing tool is another “blind hollowing” system but it has its benefits when you need to finish some projects. As you might have guessed this thing is attached to your arm for better control over the hollowing bar. Comfortable paddings and adjustable forearm section are the things that make this tool great for the long hollowing work. The standard cutting tips are 3/16″. Another good thing about arm brace systems is that their boring bars can be used with captured systems. And of course, you can use different tips with one arm brace handle. So, you can easily between different bars if needed. You can buy a wood lathe arm brace here.

Hollowing Tool video


Buying A Wood Lathe

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