Top woodturning blogs

Top Woodturning Blogs Everyone Needs To See

Here is my list of the best wood turning blogs. I have gone through and selected the top blogs that focus on wood turning. I hope that you enjoy them.  Please let me know if you have any other suggestions about great wood turning blogs that are not listed here.

1. Jonathan Leech: Hand Turned Wooden Bowls


About: Tips and advice from a passionate woodturner who transforms dry wood into smooth bowls, dishes, and platters.

jonathanleech top wood turning blog

Home page of the site


A bit of talent and days spent practicing and you will be able to turn wood to whatever you want. Once you fell in love with this, there is no coming back.

Imagine a situation like this – you start with a part-time job to earn something extra and that turns out to become your biggest passion, building a career like you always wanted.

Exactly that happened to Jonathan, the owner of this blog. He puts much effort in his unique designs, expressing all the imperfections of the wood.

The process? It is done in several steps – dry the wood, shape it into a bowl, dish or platter, and give it a nice look by sanding and oiling. However, it needs more effort and time until you get the final product.

On his blog, you will be able to see Jonathan’s work from start to finish. You will learn how he creates those bowls and what woodturning secrets he is using. Drying the wood may last for years, and sanding is something you should definitively focus on.

Jonathan is also eco-friendly. He only uses the local area trees that are fallen or damaged.

You can find examples of his work on the site, or order your bowl right now.


2. Woodturning by Terry Vaughan


About: Instructions on how to make a wooden bowl from a highly skilled and experienced woodturner

turnedwoodenbowls Woodturning by Terry Vaughan

Home page of the site


It was rare to find a good woodturner years ago – little or no books, not many woodturners and lack of videos were the issues Terry faced when he decided that he wants to build a career working with wood.

This self-taught woodturner can help you a lot and everyone likes getting tips from an expert in his area. You will learn the value of each bowl and make a difference between them.

Salad bowl, fruit bowl, there are not two bowls that are same. Each one is handmade and has a specific pattern and color based on the wood it was used in the creation.

Wooden bowls are not just used as a decoration, they are very useful objects in your everyday life. They came in different shapes and sizes, based on the purpose.

Terry likes to share his experience with you and solve all your woodturning problems. You can follow his tips on his blog or book a one-to-one session with him.

In case you don’t want to make a wooden bowl, but you desperately need one, you can ask Terry to help you with it. Check his site for inspiration and ideas, or just directly order a bowl you like.


3. Jim Lorriman, Wood Turner


About: Woodturning enthusiast that is willing to share his methods and techniques with you and guide you to your first salad bowl or platter

jimlorrimanwoodturner Jim Lorriman, Wood Turner

Home page of the site


How many woodturners have you heard of that commit to woodturning 5 days a week? Probably not many, but Jim is definitively one great example of how to turn your passion into a full-time job.

However, he still finds time to update his blog. You can find his recent works there, as well as instructions on how can you make the object by yourself.

The instructions are very clear and precise, you will be able to follow even if you have only basic knowledge about woodturning. Step by step, you will succeed in making your bowl or platter.

Bowls, platters, chargers – these are just a tiny part of Jim’s collection. He has made many turnings and it is known as the hero of his local community, as he contributed much to it with his works as a crafter.

His site is inspiring for experienced woodturners, but also for newbies that don’t know where to start from. You can use it to learn or to find the bowl you always needed.


4. Glenn Lucas Signature Tools


About: Great wood turner, even greater teacher – learn from the courses, order video materials or wooden bowls


Heom page of the site

There are many sites offering wood turnings, but the majority of them won’t be able to teach you how to do that. Not every woodturner turns out to be a good teacher, and you shouldn’t try things on your own in the era of the Internet.

If you use Glenn’s blog, you will be able to take a look at the classes, find one that suits you and order it. You will get a DVD with many great videos that will help you to achieve your goal and the database is updated monthly.

In case you prefer real-life tuition, you can invite him personally to your club. Or, take a look at the calendar, maybe your town is next destination for Glenn’s tour.

In case you want to skip all of this with the classes and courses, you can just order a wooden bowl with a unique design. They come in different sizes and patterns variations and you shouldn’t doubt their quality.


5. Woodpops


About: Unique way to learn woodturning from an experienced professional, while enjoying a glass of wine at the same time


Heom page of the site

Bowls, boxes, vases and so on, Roger’s collection of wood turnings is amazing. You can buy various objects of different sizes and wood textures, with great quality.

They are all handmade, and if you have a specific need, you can contact the owner of the blog for more details.

What about classes? Can I learn something using this blog?

You can book a private session, and not the typical one. The class you are going to receive here is an unforgettable experience. Are you out of ideas for a date? Consider this woodturning class.

Learn to make a custom pen, while having a glass of wine and eating pizza. You can take your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends, and spend an amazing time together. It sounds pretty good, right?

You will go back home with some great memories, but also with the pen, you made on the wood lathe. Without any doubts, this would be the best way to learn something new.


6. Colin Norgate


About: One of the greatest craftsmen will design a bowl or honey dipper for you, or guide you to do that on your own


Home page of the site

When the same person chooses the timber and does every step until it produces the final product, you know that you will receive a quality product, made with much effort and love.

That is exactly what Colin does – he carefully picks the piece of wood and works with it until he creates the object, giving it a nice, smooth finish. Colin’s wood turnings are a mix of skills and many years of experience, bringing each piece of timber to perfection.

You can use his blog to buy a bowl, cuff links box, or something else from his collection, as there are many other products that can be very useful for every household. The other alternative is to take up a course and learn to work with wood. Courses last from one to several days and are created based on your needs.




About: Crafting uniquely designed objects, expressing different wood colors and patterns


Home page of the site

Some people make the best out of everything. The owner of mja-wood, Mark, and experienced wood turner is definitively one of them – he can turn a single piece of wood into a bowl, Christmas tree, or a heart-shaped object.

If you want to add a wood turning to your home, or you want to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones, you definitively should check Mark’s blog. You can find many ideas and turnings made with much effort, and each one represents his passion towards woodturning.

Each piece of art is unique and handmade, capturing all the patterns of nature. Mark likes walking in the countryside to find inspiration for all the works and regularly buys stuff from his neighborhood, in order to support the local community.

You can buy some of his artworks in the shop section, or use some of Mark’s tips to become a better wood turner. Plus, you may ask for collaboration and work together on a project you make a deal on.


8. Andrew Bourke Woodturning


About: A huge variety of artworks, handmade by an experienced enthusiast that uses many different woodturning techniques


Home page of the site.

Woodturning does not have to be your main source of income, nor your full-time job. However, if you are passionate about it, you will find time to work with wood.

That is the story of Andrew, the creative guy behind abwoodturning. He works in the IT industry, but still manages to find time for his hobby. Most of the time that he is not at work, he spends working with wood or exchanging ideas and knowledge with other members at the Pretoria Woodworking Association.

He is persistent and works in a small workshop at his house, although I guarantee that you will be amazed by his works. With just several tools including a wood lathe, Andrew transforms pieces of wood into art.

Take a look at his recent and older works including bowls, vases and much more and notice how he is pushing his boundaries, constantly providing great artwork. He uses several methods and it is a true inspiration for every woodturner.


9. Wood Turners Catalog


About: Durable tools of great quality that will help you with the toughest wood turning tasks


The home page of the site

There are many blogs that will share their designs and ideas with you or teach you how to work with wood. Private sessions, courses, and classes – all of this is very useful, but only in case, you are fully equipped with the gear you need.

This blog is not just your woodturning teacher, but a provider of great quality equipment. Their team is fully committed to giving you the best products available, allowing you to work on the wood with no issues at all. Plus, there are lots of how-to videos, to help you with all of your projects.

Lathes, lathe accessories, dust collection systems and many more products that deserve a place in your workshop. The crafting supplies are designed to satisfy the needs of every woodturner and they do that successfully as they are present many years on the market.

In case you still doubt about taking up a new hobby, grab the equipment you need and start with following some of the step by step projects on this blog.


10. Devon Palmer Woodturning


About: Get ideas, learn, practice and buy some of the artwork designed by skillful woodturning expert

devonpalmer Devon Palmer Woodturning

Home page of the site

If you need a practical wooden bowl, whether it is for salad or fruit, engraved pen or even a funerary urn for your pet, Devon’s blog is something you shouldn’t miss. At the store, you can find different turnings that were handmade by Devon personally.

Back in the days when he graduated, he had many options in building a career – to work as an airplane mechanic, as a pilot, and so on, however, he never forgot the woodturning as working with it is a great way to leave the virtual world.

His life was somehow determined – both of his parents worked with wood, so he got the passion from a young age. He started with wooden bowls, but over the years he succeeded on other projects as well.

In case you are new to woodturning, you definitively need to consider his courses and pay close attention to the pen turning – offering great class backed up with an amazing time spent with your loved ones. If you always wanted to design a pen on your own but didn’t have the knowledge or the equipment, now you are able to achieve that thanks to Devon’s blog.


11. Andy Browne Woodturning


About: Woodturning lessons and courses on beginner and advanced level by a woodturning master.


Home page of the site.

Andy, the guy that owns this blog, is specialized in woodturning and applies different techniques of designing the wood and adding the last finishing touch. He works with several different types of wood and likes to present the natural beauty of the wood.

Fortunately, he sells some of his designs, so you could add something new, yet very practical to your home. What is great about his site, is that you can buy a voucher.

Many gifts ideas would be considered a cliché, but a voucher for one of Andy’s courses. Birthdays and anniversaries, vouchers are a great way to make someone’s day special.

His workshop is fully equipped, so you will get spend a great time and learn a new skill. Celebrate the birthdays of your girlfriend/boyfriend, family member or a friend, spend an amazing time together and go home with a wooden bowl or a uniquely designed pen.

12. Handcrafted wooden homeware


About: A student entrepreneur, designer, speaker and one of the youngest woodturners


Home page of the site.

Years ago, Conor had his first touch with wood at one of his woodworking classes. This turned out to be a love at first sight, as several years later, he decided to use his saved money, invest in a lathe and starts his own business as a wood turner.

Being an entrepreneur didn’t stop Conor to continue with his studies, but also to help younger students and share his experience as a student entrepreneur. He uses the benefits of the digital era, setting up an online shop in order to sell his works.

The secret behind his success?

Conor works with quality wood, creates simple designs, making forms that are very useful for every household. He works carefully on each piece, and his efforts result with sales all around the world. Each product is handcrafted whether that is a cigar pen, salad bowl or an egg cup, so whatever you decide to buy, it won’t be a miss.

13. Segmented Woodturners


About: Educate and work with woodturners at different skill levels from all around the world

segmented woodturners

Home page of the site.

Whatever you are doing, one of the most important resources you can get is people. The Segmented Wood Turners exists because of this reason, to allow its members to get in contact easily, and interact with each other.

Being a member of this site have lots of opportunities – you can learn through videos, or directly on the regular meetings, receive materials to study in different forms, share experiences and ideas. You can post, get feedback, participate in member exchange and receive awards for your efforts.

Selling and buying wood turning equipment can be tough…if you are not a member of the Segmented Wood Turners, otherwise, you will be able to buy and sell related items on the forum.

Woodturning can be easily mastered if you focus on the right things, and that could only be achieved by interacting with more experienced wood turners, learning, practicing and exchanging knowledge and ideas. This site is perfect for all of the above, so if you are serious about woodturning, you need to consider the option of becoming a member.

14. Wells Woodturning


About: Customized wood turnings of great quality, done in a short period of time


Home page of the site.

If you need a custom wood turning, you should consider Wells Wood Turning as one of your options. They have a team of hardworking and effective people able to make the desired woodturning for you very quickly.

In the beginnings, only a mill operated at this place, but over the years, the owner decided to add several machines including a spooling machine and a lathe. Over the years, the number of employees increased, as well as the number of machines.

Different sizes and materials, they can also make furniture components, kitchen implements as well as toys. All of their products are made in their facility, using only hardwood in order to get that nice look and make it timeless.


15. Ed Oliver Woodturning Artist


About: Skillful wood turning professional that is willing to pass his knowledge to others


Home page of the site.

Ed started his career as a furniture maker, so he already had the passion for working with wood. However, only before a few years, he discovered woodturning. He used his experience of working with wood and very fast he was accepted in the Register of Professional Turners.

Ed works in his fully equipped studio in his house, it is the place where he spends hours working on wood and applying different techniques to create the right turning.

There are lots of creative turnings on his blog, so you can either buy one or use it as an idea for future practices.

Whether you are new to woodturning, or you are a professional, you can get in touch with Ed, learn from him or share your ideas. For newbies, Ed has special courses for bowls, hollows or platters. You will end the course with a bowl you always desired and a new skill learned. Ed plays a big role in its community and his main goal is to get youngsters to take up woodturning.


16. Boston Woodturning


About: Creating unique objects, sharing knowledge and supporting both local and global woodturning artists


Home page of the site.

Using local and reclaimed wood, Boston Woodturning successfully creates unique pieces of artwork that not only look good but are also very functional for every household.

Woodturning allows using different types of wood, although at Boston Woodturning are specialized in greenwood. However, they cut logs from trees that are already felled and the wood goes into a long process of work until the final product is made.

Check the online gallery to take a look at the items available, get ideas, learn and maybe even buy some of the products. The collection includes different types of bowls, hollows, and boxes. For some of the products, you will be able to see photos and videos during the process of creation.

If you want to learn woodturning, you can book a lesson. You will be provided with all the needed equipment, including tools and supplies for work, plus, you get the final product.


17. Adam Cornish Woodturning


About: Designing great forms from native timber and making a cohesion with a right piece of metal

ac woodturning

Home page of the site.

Adam has a special way of working with wood, which is very rare and unusual. Starting from the tools he is using and up to the techniques he practices, the artwork that you will find on this blog are truly amazing.

But, what is so special about Adam’s works?

He makes different forms using native timber, searching for the perfect piece of wood as long as it takes. Next, the focus is not only on turning the wood in the right shape, expressing all its beauties, but also matching the wood with a piece of metal.

Yes, you read that right, Adam uses a unique way of making turnings, as he crafts a piece of wood with a metal. He works on the form until he creates a nice cohesion or a final product that could be handed to the customer.

Many of the products can be found on his blog, or you can go a step further and purchase some of them.


18. The Acadian


About: Everyday products crafted from high-quality wood, very durable and enjoyable


Home page of the site.

Not everyone is interested in getting a bowl or a platter – don’t get me wrong, both are very practical, but I guess you are not using them each day, right?

This is the main reason why at the Acadian focus on crafting other products. The use only wood of great quality, and use it for products that you use daily, like pens for example.

Each product is handcrafted, including all processes from woodturning to sanding – each step includes a human touch which is the main mark of the Acadian.

You can check their collection and buy some of their products. You can combine their products with a leather good, which is also handmade. All products are unique, made with much effort and once you get one you will immediately feel the beauty of the minor details.

19. Wood Spirit Hand Craft


About: Crafting artwork, sharing woodturning knowledge and traveling around the world to get ideas


Home page of the site.

Jarrod, the guy behind this blog, spends most of his time traveling, gaining knowledge and experience, crafting things from wood, and teaching others how to do exactly the same.

On his blog, you can read some of his journeys and adventures around the world and learn what inspired him the most. Jarrod likes to share his skills with the locals, so he visits different places and organizes woodturning courses.

When he is not teaching people, Jarrod spends his time crafting artworks and writing books. His books are about woodturning, so there is another source to use for studying as well. Because of this, if you need to purchase some of his works you will need to be very fast as they come out in batches and are gone very fast.


20. A World-class Woodturner and Woodturning Teacher


About: Fully dedicated wood turning professional that creates quality products and gives great education in his field

roper woodturning

Home page of the site.

It is rare to see a wood turner that is totally committed to woodturning and educating others and Michael, the owner of this blog should definitively be considered as a role model for many woodturners.

The secret behind his success is in choosing the wood. Many woodturners will throw away the pieces that Michael takes – the ugliest and toughest pieces to turn. Wood that seems impossible for others, is a challenge for Michael to work with. Surprisingly, at the end the result is fascinating – truly unique and quality bowls, peppermills and other turnings like you haven’t seen in your life.

He continuously works as a college teacher, working with each student and helping them to become woodturners. Passing his skills and experience to the students, he gives them the courage to improve and continue working in this field.


21. Port Townsend School of Woodworking


About: Woodturning community that allows you to learn from experienced professionals

pwt school

Home page of the site.

A great community with members of all ages, you may be wondering what they all have in common? They all love woodworking, so they are specialized in the field of woodturning as well.

This site started from just 2 woodturning enthusiasts, more than 25 years ago. Today, there are many respected teachers that continuously work with students.

Learning is best in small groups of several students, as this way the teacher will be able to pay attention to each one of them, find their learning styles and focus on passing the skills. The teachers are experienced professionals that are willing to share their experience and knowledge with others.

You can take a look at the courses available on their site, and reserve your seat. From introductory to expert levels, there are many courses that will make you a better wood turner.


22. M. Saban-Smith Woodturning


About: Learn and get advice from an experienced woodturner who has mastered his skills over the years


Home page of the site.

Working from a fully equipped workshop, Martin succeeds in making extraordinary woodturning. His workshop includes lathes, air filtering system, and a lot of tools required for a professional to do his job.

His creativity has no limits, and as a proof for that you can check the gallery section on his blog, or directly proceed and purchase one of his turnings available for shopping.

Apart from being a great professional, Martin likes to teach new and unexperienced woodturners. He is very approachable and had discovered a great way to teach newbies. Any enthusiast, with little or no experience in woodturning, can become a member and visit his classes. If you want to surprise your friend or family member, getting a voucher for tuition could be a great idea.

Lastly, Martin came up with an idea that is very different from other woodturners. He films working on his creations and posts the videos on social media platforms. This way, he helps anyone that wants to take a look at his work, get inspired or become a familiar process of artwork creation.


23. Ozark Woodturner, The Robertson Family


About: Putting much effort and love into creating a quality, small and precise woodturning including handmade pens and duck calls


Home page of the site.

The Ozark Woodworker started as a company working on architectural projects, but gradually transformed into a workshop for making artwork. Ray has more than 40 years of experience in this field of work, so I guess there is no need to talk about his knowledge.

Ray started working with his son Matt, and it turned out to become very successful in woodturning. They mastered many different techniques and the results are speaking for themselves.

Their unique pens and duck calls are something you have never seen before. Their pens are all handcrafted and come in different colors and designs. On the other hand, the duck calls won many awards and were posted in several magazines, which is enough for you to understand the quality and popularity of it. So, visiting the shop section on this blog, for a new pen or a duck call, wouldn’t be a bad idea.


24. Carter and Son Toolworks


About: Quality tools made from the best materials for better and more efficient work


Home page of the site.

If you ever worked on a lathe, you understand that the quality of the final products highly depends on the tools you are using to shape the wood. However, finding the right tools is not always a straightforward process.

Luckily, on this blog, you are able to find a huge array of different tools – gouges, handles, scrapers and so on. In addition to this, there are many promotions, as well as gift cards. For the full collection of tools, you can visit the shop section and find what suits you the most.

Each tool is made of the highest quality American materials and following strict procedures.

What about a guarantee?

Each tool has a lifetime guarantee as a proof of its quality and durability. Plus, the friendly service is always willing to help you with all the troubles you may face.


25. Robert O’Connor, The Woodturning Studio


About: Learn woodturning and get inspired by some of the handmade products, designed by experienced professional


Home page of the site.

Robert has won many significant awards as a woodturner, which leads to creating this blog to share his innovative products and ideas. His blog is a great place to find the bowl you always needed, or get inspiration for your next turning.

Not only bowls but also platters, hollows and clocks can be found if you check the shop section. There are much more than this to see, and you won’t be disappointed by those products, as all are handcrafted.

Ordering a product from his blog will save you time, but also money and you can get it delivered to your home address.

You can check some of his videos, or sing up for a woodturning class. Whether you have some basic knowledge or not, Robert would be pleased to share his knowledge with you. Based on your level of knowledge, you will learn from a special program designed for your needs.


26. Carl Ford, Studio Woodturner


About: Studio wood turner fully focused on his obsession, passing his skills to others too


Home page of the site

In this era, having a blog is obligatory for people like Carl. But what was the reason he decided to create one? A woodturning meeting.

His group thought that Carl has many great ideas that need to be spread, and a blog is definitively one great way to do it. As they say, sharing is caring, so Carl’s ideas needed to be passed on to others as well.

On this blog, you will find announcements for demos and classes, as well as new handouts. Carl has spent many years in woodturning, so visiting his blog would be a nice thing if you want to learn and improve in this field.

Plus, ordinary woodturners don’t want to try out new tools in their working, so at his blog, they can read about tools that are good and that they should try implementing.

However, writing about this takes much time if you want to write for magazines. Fortunately, a blog post requires less time, so you can read Carl’s posts roughly every week.


27. Richard Shock, Woodturner


About: A chemical engineer that quit his job to focus on wood turnings


Home page of the site

Cases when people leave their job to spend more time on their hobby are rare, but they happen and Richard is the real example of it.

He worked as a chemical engineer and used his lathe for making furniture. However, he ended up being a woodturner – passion that made him quit his current job.

He focuses on producing bowls and dishes, with different styles and designs.  Richard doesn’t want wasting wood, so he also creates bottle stoppers, napkin rings and other objects from the wood that other turners would throw away.

On his blog, you can not only purchase turnings but also check for exhibitions and testimonials. Richard has been working with wood for many years and each piece that you will see is representing his skills. Bowls and platters, you can add something to your household or send a gift to your loved ones.


28. David Munyak, Woodturner/ Furniture maker


About: Inspired by nature, David shows his passion for curves and expresses the beauty of the wood, shaping each object by hand


Home page of the site.

Woodturning is all about curves – they give movement to the static piece of wood and that is the first thing that comes to the observer’s mind when looking at an object.

Working on creating a perfect curve is what David put his effort on. He gets his ideas from nature, the female form and other designs.  The process begins with a rough piece of wood and smooth dance using a variety of tools until the final product is done.

David uses local wood, like cherry, maple, ash and so on. Some turnings require imported wood, which is acceptable as final objects require different designs and grain.

If you are serious about woodturning, you should definitively stop at this blog – take a look at David’s creations, inform about buying options and look at the upcoming events.


29. Michael Sinclair, RPT Woodturner


About: From zero to perfection, Michael is a self-taught woodturner with more than 25 years of experience

michaelsinclair woodturner

Home page of the site.

If you practice woodturning for more than a quarter century, it is very likely that you will bring it to perfection. All the time Michael put in experimenting and training, resulted with extraordinary wood turnings.

People recognized his potential and he is a member of the Register of Professional Turners. He gets the ideas from the Neolithic era, and you can notice the elements on each piece of artwork. He starts with a log and works with the wood until the final products are done. The result? Unique, nice, and most important, practical things for each household.

On his blog, you can check the whole process, from finding the wood, drying it and working on it to design different wood turnings. You can also purchase some of the items in his shop, or check the working hours in order to visit his gallery.

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