Cordless vs corded circular saw: pros and cons

A circular saw is a versatile tool, not just for woodworkers and contractors, home DIYers can do many jobs with it too. But when you are looking to buy one you are faced with two basic options cordless or corded. It can be confusing without knowing the pros and cons of each option. So should you buy cordless or corded circular saw?

A cordless circular saw is best when you need mobility and portability. With a battery powered option you don’t need to find a nearby power outlet or use an extension cord to operate it. A corded circular saw is best when you will be using it repeatedly for a long time as you don’t need to worry about the battery getting flat and charging it up. You will also get more power out of a corded circular saw so it is better for hard materials.

However, the comparison is much more than this. Continue reading and you will find out what are the pros and cons of both types. Don’t wait for any second longer and let’s begin.

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Cordless circular saws

If you want convenience, choose a cordless circular saw. But first, check the advantages and disadvantages.

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You can take the circular saw with you and go wherever you want, without worrying about a power supply. Just take your fully charged battery and work for hours under any conditions.

What if the battery runs out?

Use the other battery and continue working. Being cordless allows you to work anywhere you need to, which is why many contractors prefer this type of circular saws.

With no cables around, you reduce the risk of tripping and tangling, which makes the working environment even more comfortable for the operator.

In addition, cordless circular saws are more expensive, although you can buy a set of several tools for a reasonable price and get extra batteries as well.

Corded circular saw


Batteries are good, but you may face some issues if you use a cordless model. In case you don’t have a spare battery, your working will be interrupted by an empty battery. Of course, you can charge it, but that takes time and you will end up without power in the middle of the task.

Additionally, the battery won’t last forever, and you will have to buy a new one after several years of using it and batteries themselves aren’t cheap.

Finally, cordless circular saws lack power. They are less powerful than the corded ones, and if the battery isn’t fully charged, you may need hours to finish a simple task.

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Corded circular saws

If you need power, a corded circular saw should be your pick. However, let’s check the pros and cons of this type as well.


The biggest advantage of the corded circular saw is the power. It is power sense that corded tools have a continuous power supply which highly affects their output.

Corded circular saws are not an exception, and they are far superior in this field, they have bigger blades and they move faster.

Generally, corded circular saws have blades of 7.25 inches, compared to the 6.5 inches of the cordless models. Larger blades, more speed, results in a better power output, so you understand why heavy-duty cutting tasks require a corded model.

Not only wood but masonry, steel and a variety of different materials won’t be a problem for a corded circular saw.

Another thing to consider is the price – corded models are cheaper than cordless, and it is less likely that you will need to buy a part to replace in future. Plus, you will never have to buy a battery.



Just as an empty battery, cords around you can interrupt your work as well. This can be inconvenient, especially if there is no power socket nearby and you need to use an extension cord.

Corded circular saws are heavier and bulkier as well, so this affects the mobility. If you are planning to work in tight places, you should be aware that it could be tough and time-consuming.

Top picks

In this section, you will find our top circular saw picks, both corded and cordless in different price categories.

Top picks:

Under $50

Under $200


Porter-Cable PCE300

If you are looking for a powerful circular saw that will make cuts with extreme precision and professional results, then you should seriously consider this model from Porter-Cable.

It has a motor of 15 Amps that delivers up to 5500 RPM and a 7.25 inches blade made for heavy-duty tasks. It has a good line of sight for accurate cuts, as well as bevel and depth adjustments for a variety of cuts.

As a corded tool, it doesn’t come with a battery, but it does with a 3 years warranty. For more info about this tool, check the full review.

Check the current price of the Porter-Cable PCE300 here on Amazon.


  • 15 Amps motor
  • 5500 RPM
  • spindle lock and depth adjustments

Black+Decker BDCCS20B

This manufacturer is a synonym for creative design and quality solutions to satisfy your needs. What can this model offer you? Check this out.

Its blade is only 5.5 inches, but it has enough torque to make accurate and smooth cuts. It has a compact design and it is really easy to use – you can work for hours without getting tired.

It can make bevel cuts and it works with batteries from other Black+Decker tools. Another great feature is the spindle lock, that makes blade replacement very easy.

For more info about this model, you can check the full review.

Check the current price of the Black+DeckerBDCCS20B here on Amazon.


  • high torque motor
  • tool-free depth of cut
  • bevel adjustment
  • spindle lock

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Milwaukee 6390-21

Milwaukee constantly produces quality power tools designed for the toughest demands of professionals around the world, so this model is not an exception.

It has a 15 Amps, 3.25 HP motor with an amazing 5800 RPM. The Milwaukee 6390-21 has a 7.25 inches blade, great for precise, accurate and quick cuts.

It can make bevel cuts up to 50 degrees, and the handle can be adjusted to 8 different positions to acquire maximum comfort – a feature that is a rarity amongst circular saws.

Check my other article if you are interested in a more detailed review.

Check the latest price of the Milwaukee 6390-21 here on Amazon


  • 15 Amps, 3.25 HP motor
  • tilting handle for maximum comfort
  • 50 degrees bevel cut

Makita XSR01Z

This model is run by two 18 V batteries that provide enough power and speed to make precise cuts, without the inconvenience of cable around you.

It has a brushless motor, that will be cool even after hours of use and this circular saw can provide up to 5100 RPM even with one battery. Amazing, right?

It can make up to 558 cuts in a single charge, something that even more powerful circular saws can’t offer. It has a bevel capacity of up to 53 degrees, and it comes with a durable magnesium base plate.

For more info about this model, check the full review.

Check the current price of the Makita XSR01Z here on Amazon.


  • brushless motor with 5100 RPM
  • 558 cuts per charge
  • built-in tether notch

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To conclude, both cordless and corded circular saws have pros and cons. The idea is to define what are the tasks you are going to do, in order to find the right model.

Cordless vs corded circular saws, is basically mobility vs power. I hope that this article will be a helpful guide for finding the right type for you.

Which one would you choose? For what do you use your circular saw the most? Feel free to leave a comment and share this article with your friends.

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