How to fix a dead lawn fast

How to fix a dead lawn fast

A nice lawn can make all the difference to your garden. It will make your garden and home look much better and be a nicer place for you to spend time. But what if your lawn is dying or has dead spots? Well, this is how to fix a dead lawn fast:

1. Clean up the problem areas. Remove plant, rock or other material until you have just bare soil.
2. Improve the soil if it is poor quality. Use compost, mulch or top soil to improve the soil quality.
3. Dig and turn the soil so that it is loose and aerated at lest the top few inches.
4. Scatter some quality grass seed over the bare soil and mix it into the top 1 inch of soil.
5. Fertilize the area with a small amount of new lawn fertilizer.
6. Cover the are with a mulch (a light layer of straw or shredded leaves). This reduces evaporation and keeps the ground moist.
7. Water the grass with enough water enough to wet the top 2 inches of soil.

What causes dead grass?

Dead patches in a lawn can be caused by a wide range of reasons. Some common reasons include:

  • fungal diseases (e.g. brown patch and rust)
  • grub damage
  • animal digging
  • dog urine
  • heat
  • lack of water.

How much grass seed per square foot?

If you plant the grass see too close together the seedling will compete for water, nutrients and light. If the seeds are too sparse then the grass will be thin and there is room for weeds to grow.  You should plant should about approximately 16 grass seeds per square inch. However, different types of grass have different optimal densities. Check the grass seed packet for instructions.

How to maintain new grass?

  • Keep the seed moist until it germinates and sprouts up.
  • In the summer, on hot days you will need to water daily or twice daily.
  • When the grass is about 2 inches tall water at least weekly
  • Start mowing when the grass is 4 inches tall.

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  1. Hi there! Is there any possibility that some areas of the lawn that was dead once die again next year?

    1. Post

      Hi Marion,
      Thanks for your question. Yes, it can die again next year but if you maintain your lawn by watering it deeply, fertilizing it occasionally, aerating it in spring and mowing it regularly on the highest mower setting then it is unlikely to die again.

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