Picture of a rick of wood | What and How much is a rick of wood | firewood measurement

How much is a rick of wood (face cord)? | Measuring firewood, size, cost, weight, pieces vs cord

Measuring firewood can be confusing there is a bunch of jargon that firewood sellers use that can make is difficult to understand what you are getting. Sometimes sellers talk about a rick of wood or face cord. So what are ricks of wood?

A rick of wood, also known as a face cord, is measure of firewood. It is a stack of wood that is 8 feet long and 4 feet high or any equivalent measurements that would equal a 32 square foot face. The amount of wood in a rick depends on how long the log or pieces of wood are and how loose thrown the logs are (more regularly and tightly stacked wood contains more). 

Did you know that it is best to keep your firewood stacked off the ground and covered? This keeps your firewood dry and makes it burn better. A covered waterproof firewood rack is ideal for storing your firewood right before you burn it.

Information about firewood: The rick of wood

What is a rick of wood?

Rick of wood size

How many pieces of wood in a rick?

Rick of wood weight

How much does a rick of wood cost?


Will a cord or rick of wood fit in a pickup truck?


Picture of a rick of wood

Here is a picture of a rick of wood. Because the depth of a rick of wood can vary no depth measurement is provided.

Picture of a rick of wood | What and How much is a rick of wood | firewood measurements

Rick vs Cord

How many ricks in a cord of wood?


How much energy is in wood?

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