How To Pick The Best Battery Chainsaw

How To Pick The Best Battery Chainsaw For Beginners

Nowadays, every homeowner keeps a chainsaw at their home for plenty of work to do, such as felling trees, pruning branches, cutting firewood, and creating fences. However, if you are new to using a chainsaw and are thinking of buying one soon, you need one that perfectly suits you and your needs.

A battery chainsaw must be the most recommended chainsaw for you, since it frees you from cords and lets you work freely anywhere you choose. On top of that, they spare you and the environment from unhealthy fumes and the deafening noise of the gas chainsaws. However, buying just any chainsaw can be troublesome.

There is a variety of battery chainsaws in the market, but the best battery chainsaw for you will be decided when you consider the following of aspects.

Your Purpose

The type of work you’re doing and how often you plan on doing it matters a lot while picking out your battery chainsaw. Battery chainsaws are usually lighter and can be used for a longer period of time without taking much load, but not all of them are as great for heavy duty performances as you would expect them.

There are battery chainsaws that are limited in their power supplies. For that, they can’t support you for a long time. You must look for a heavy duty professional one to expect the best outcome, but if you need it for minor household uses, any simpler version of battery chainsaw would do.

If you are getting your chainsaw for mostly outdoor work, like garden landscaping, maintenance can be an issue. Go for models that are easy to clean so you don’t have to spend much time on it after wrapping up your work. You might also consider using a battery powered pole saw or even a manual pole saw pruner to prune the tops of trees.

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Working outside may also involve the risk of exposing your chainsaw to adverse weather conditions. To save your chainsaw from the harmful effects of dust, dirt, and debris, find a chainsaw with protective seals to ensure durability.

The Type of Wood

Not every battery chainsaw works well for all types of wood. The density of the wood you will be working with is a very important thing to consider while choosing your battery chainsaw.

Battery chainsaws are mostly suited for household usage. However, there are power-packed models with larger Oregon bars that are meant for construction works as well. Keep these significances in mind while opting for one to work with harder wood. Read more about the best battery powered chainsaw for firewood.

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Your Fitness

Plainly, you need to be fit enough to operate the chainsaw you are buying. Generally, battery chainsaws are pretty light, easy to operate, and comes in different weights. Pick the one you can handle and would be comfortable to work with or else you can end up stressing or harming your body.

Ergonomic Design

How important it is for you to have your chainsaw ergonomically designed would play a significant part here part here. Safety should always come first, and it should come first for you too—especially when you are in the beginning stage.

Thankfully, there are amazing models of battery chainsaws that also offer ergonomic designs. Choose yours keeping your other preferences in mind.

Weather Conditions

If you are going to work during the winter, consider buying a chainsaw that provides an electrically heated handle to avoid possible trouble that may occur due to forming snow and ice on the chainsaw handles, creating a slippery coating.


If you are not at all willing to spend time and energy maintaining your chainsaw and want to avoid the hassle of lubricating it time after time, look for chainsaws that are designed that way.

Some of these battery chainsaws come with maintenance free-designs and auto oil system, make sure you are buying one of those before getting one.


Battery chainsaws are better for the environment anyways, but if you are one of those who want things to be completely eco-friendly, battery chainsaws have options for you too! Search on the internet to find the models that come with this feature and would be the best for you altogether.


Many times, budget plays a big role in deciding things we buy. Since battery chainsaws are a little pricey, do good research on the internet to find your best option that costs less, yet still fills most of your expectations. Read more about best budget chainsaws.

Pros and Cons

Go through the reviews and look for the significance you want in your chainsaw. Be careful not to miss out on a point that you might regret later. Some may have all the features you want but has disadvantages you can’t handle. Therefore, give attention to the pros and cons section precisely.

Size of The Chainsaw

The size of your chainsaw will depend on its engine power (hp/kw) and piston displacement (cm3). Factors that you need to consider while deciding on your chainsaw are:

1. Type of wood and size of the tree

2. Your level of proficiency

Chainsaws with bigger size (professional chainsaws) are needed especially for felling large trees and hardwood. When you are new to this equipment, it is recommended to start with lighter jobs with smaller ones.

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The Guide Bar

The guide bar of the chainsaw varies in lengths and is meant for different applications and levels of proficiencies. Heavy-duty chainsaws usually come with long guide bars, which are hard for a beginner to control and not required for pruning or landscaping your garden.


Finally, two things are very important here: knowing yourself and your preferences well and doing good research. You can also seek for recommendations from your family and friends. Take your time and consider them all if you really want to pick the best battery chainsaw for you.

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