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Top 15 best ways to prevent car theft: How to deter car break ins

Your car is an object of fascination. This goes without saying as this is one of the reasons you have purchased it? But the issue here is that it’s not just an object of fascination for only you. Whether it’s the valuables within the car or the car itself, your vehicle is as much a target for burglars as it ever was.


A lot of us do not think about car theft prevention until it’s too late. But the fact is, learning about how to prevent a car theft is the knowledge that you need. If you don’t want a robber sitting behind the wheel of your car, you need to teach yourself about how to prevent car theft. You’ve put a lot of work into acquiring your vehicle, and you don’t want someone to take it.


The good news is that doing something that is meaningful for your car is both possible and not all that difficult. Your primary aim is to make your vehicle a hard target, one that will make the thief move on to the next car. Keep in mind, the more time it takes the thief to rob a car, the more likely he is to be exposed. So, if you make grabbing your car a tough job for the thief, it will typically pay off.


Here are a few facts related to car theft in Australia as published by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council:-

  • Australia wide, 31% of motor vehicle thefts in 2015 were profit motivated (not recovered).
  • Profit motivated thefts were worth $107.8 million in 2016.
  • The 143 vehicles stolen per day are at a significant cost to the community.
  • In 2017 itself, more than 42,000 vehicles were reported stolen!

Looking at these statistics and facts, there is no doubt that you have a good reason to worry about your car and its protection against robbers. Keeping all this in mind here are the top 15 ways that you can undertake in order to safeguard your car or vehicle.

These tips have been curated after extensive research so you must remember them for the best possible care. Let’s begin –


Lock Your Car

This seems like a primary security tactic, but we all know how easily it can become an anomaly if overlooked. Locking your car limits entrance and access. As a result, possible car thieves will have a harder time breaking into it, making it a less easy target for theft. On average, roughly 50 percent of the cars stolen in urban and suburban areas were left unlocked at the time of the robbery. Most thieves will opt for an easier target over a hard one, so the less accessible your vehicle is, the less probable it is to be stolen. Moreover, keeping the car locked while you’re inside the vehicle can help prevent kidnappings and carjackings. Anyone who is armed can target you while you’re in the car. You stand a better chance of seeing him in time or driving away unharmed if a locked door delays the criminal.


Keep the Windows Up

Another essential tip here is to make sure that you keep the windows completely rolled up. In many cases, you might forget to close your window or leave a part of it open making it possible for thieves to unlock the door. You shouldn’t also leave the window cracked, even on a hot day. It might seem inconvenient returning to a hot car, but that is temporary. Depending on the design and structure of the vehicle, it might be possible for a robber to grab onto the lock with a wire or a hook and open the car right away.


Take Your Keys

Take your keys. Despite the fact whether you lock the car or not, you should make sure to remove all copies of car keys from the vehicle and take them whenever stepping out. Approximately 15 percent of stolen cars have had keys in them at the time of the crime. If you do leave the second set of keys in your car, you should hide them in an unusual spot that is hard-to-reach. However, professional car robbers know a lot of possible hiding places, so it is still better to remove the keys than to hide them. Getting locked out of your car is inevitably going to cause inconvenience, but it won’t match the hassle, and difficulties you will have to go through if your vehicle is stolen!


Park it Right

It is effortless to park your car at a place of convenience without thinking much about it. Similarly, it is easy for the thieves as well to steal a car from an unsafe spot. You must park your car in secure locations such as an attended parking lot. If you need to park your car in an unguarded lot, choose the best possible place for it. It is much more challenging for thieves to break into a car, that is parked in a crowded area. You must also remember to choose a well-lit area and a crowded lot. Avoid parking in between the large vehicles that hide your car, as more people and improved visibility will discourage potential thieves. If possible, you should also park nearby to your destination for the sake of better safety.


Do Not Leave Valuables in Plain Sight

If your iPad is sitting on the dashboard of your car, it will attract the burglars right away, encouraging them to break in. Even if someone is not planning to rob your car, they might do it because of the valuable item that you have left on your car seat. Sadly, even loose change is enough for some people to break in. In fact, the best precautionary action would be not to leave anything inside the car that can visually attract robbers, as something that might not be of that much value to you can be a valuable object for someone else. In the case where you can not take the object with you, make sufficient attempts to hide that item within the car. You can cover it with a blanket but do not make it seem too obvious.


Never Leave Your Car Running

Do this if you wish to give a golden ticket to the robber and aid him in stealing your car! It is a fact that nearly half of all auto thefts could have been avoided easily if the vehicle owner took reasonable precautions, such as turning the car off when not in use. It is not wise to turn on your car on a cold winter morning and head back to your home for a coffee for the car to get nice and warm! Leaving your car running invites and encourages theft. If you’re not behind the wheel, help deter car theft by turning your vehicle off. Also, another big mistake is leaving your car, and running for a quick errand, with your children in it. Things can go horribly wrong if the robber is able to break in while you have left your car running unattended.


Make it Difficult for the Car to be Towed

If your burglar is using advanced techniques or has become smarter by using a tow vehicle to steal your car then, you can exercise a few ways to outsmart them. Try to park facing a full curb in back or front of the car, if possible. This makes one less side that can be used to tow your vehicle. Turn your car’s wheels to the side as much as achievable. This makes it almost impossible to tow your vehicle from the rear end and will at least make it harder to get onto the bed of the tow truck. Set your emergency handbrake as hard as you can. While this doesn’t stop your vehicle from being towed but it will make it more difficult. You can also utilise the ‘club’ or some steering wheel device that helps you lock it. You can also park between two cars, one in front of you and one in back of you making it almost impossible for your vehicle to be towed.


Keep Your Car Maintained

You might be thinking how is this point relevant here? Well, in context with the theory of broken windows, which says that a home that already has a broken window is more likely to have a break-in, a well-maintained car will surely discourage potential carjackers. When a thief looks into your car and sees clutter, he or she may presume that there must be something of value among the mess. However, if they see that you care about the car and maintain it well, they might conclude that you are more likely to have an alarm and have a way to find the car if missing. A messy car can also symbolise a lack of care, which might also mean a lack of attention for removing valuables.


Avoid High Crime Rate Areas

It goes without saying that if you have a big car that grabs attention, taking it into an area that is prone to crime, is just silly and even stupid! You can avoid this situation by planning ahead. Before leaving for your home you can try and map out a way for your trip. If you notice that there are any such areas while you are reaching your destination then try to take a different route, even if it takes more time! If such an area cannot be avoided then be alert at all times and make sure to keep emergency numbers handy.


Keep Your Keys Safe at Home

Car security systems have progressed so far now that the most straightforward way for a thief to steal the car is just to take the keys themselves. This can mean picking them from your pocket or even stealing them from your house. So think about in which pocket will you be keeping your keys in when you’re out. Sometimes robbers just snatch the keys when you are about to get in your car! Also when you’re at home, do make sure not to leave your keys near an open window, or even within reach of the letterbox as the burglar might merely break the window, steal the keys and take your car away.


Install a High-Quality Car Alarm System

A few people call car alarms ineffective, as we’re so used to hearing them that we don’t even pay attention. However, most car burglars wouldn’t take the risk that an alarm sound will go ignored. Even if no one notices your car’s alarm, your possessions will be safe if it frightens the thief away. Even if your car is already fitted with an alarm from the car company, it is always a good idea to install a secondary alarm, as well. The more layers of security you have, the better are the chances of your car being safe from getting stolen. Opt for an alarm that activates sirens, horns, and lights all at once for maximum coverage.


Use Your Car’s Inbuilt Security Systems

Modern cars are full of smart security features, but you might not use or even not be aware of all of them! For example, did you know that a lot of modern cars have in-built systems which enable them to lock on their own as you pull away? To overcome this situation, you can ask your car support to help you know about these features, or you can also go through the manual. Allowing these systems will help protect you against potential carjackings. Some recent cars have lights that will stay on for a set time, say 30 seconds after you’ve left it. This system is excellent for getting you to your door securely and ensuring someone isn’t hiding in the shadows!


Add to Current Security Systems

Adding on to the current safety features is also a good idea. You can have a shiny alarm sticker on your car that conveys that if someones tries to break in the alarm will go off. This sticker will discourage criminals even if you do not have an alarm in the car! Another way is to get your car plate number printed on all windows. This small step will decrease the value of your car in the resale market making the thieves skip your car! If your car is generally used for transporting valuables than you can even go for adding toughened glasses like Carlen Glass Merchants Ltd. do for homes. This will provide a very strong protection against window breaks.


Install CCTV Cameras in Your Area

A lot of cars are parked in the driveway of their homes. This makes it easier for the thieves to steal them. However just like dogs discourage thieves from getting into the house, a CCTV camera in your driveway or neighborhood area will definitely prevent burglars from stealing your cars. They will immediately skip a car if they think that the risk of getting caught is more. Burglars like easy target and a car that has a CCTV camera upon it is definitely a tough nut to crack!


Park in Your Garage

If you’ve got a garage, you must park inside for an extra layer of protection. Although it may seem very convenient to park the car in the driveway, you are exposing your vehicle at risk. Remember that car thieves are always looking for easy targets such as a car out on the street. If your car isn’t on the street, it’s less likely to get robbed or stolen. It also makes way harder for criminals to break into both a garage and a car, so using your house garage is strongly recommended. Make sure that both the car and garage are locked to provide the best security combination.

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  1. Hi, I cannot agree more about a good alarm system. It actually saved my car recently, so I’m looking for even more ways to protect it. Even if your car doesn’t get stolen, it is still a traumatic experience if someone tries. I have seen some “claws” for a steering wheel that looks good to me. In your opinion, do they take a lot of time to install?

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