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Writing With FIRE! | Top Pyrography (Wood Burning) Blogs You Need To See!

Ever wondered about pyrography? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are lucky enough as I have found all of the best pyrography blogs for you. Here is the full list of the best pyrography blogs!

If you have any suggestions about great pyrography blogs that are not listed here, feel free to inform me.

Are you unfamiliar with Pyrography? What is Pyrography? You may ask…

Pyrography or pyrogravure (also known as pokerwork or wood burning) is the art of decorating wood or other materials such as leather with burn or scorch marks from a poker or other heated instruments. Pyrography literally means “writing with fire” and comes from the Greek words pur (fire) and graphos (writing).

1. Pyrography Made Easy, Exploring the art form of pyrography with Brenda Wilkie – free tutorials and patterns

Website: pyrograpghymadeeasy.com

About: Burning basswood, maple, and poplar, Brenda is a real proof of becoming a great pyrographer in several years

pyrography made easy

Home page of the pyrographymadeeasy.com site.

Although she started 4 years ago, that was enough time for Brenda to master pyrography. She spent many hours in practice until she found what are the right tools and materials for her.

With this, she is a true inspiration for many beginners in this field. However, before you can focus on wood burning, Brenda suggest working on drawing. Once you learn the basics of drawing, you can easily replace your pencil with a wood burning tool.

She uses the tracing method to make the patterns on the wood and seals the wood after burning. Different projects require different time and effort, so creating a piece of artwork may vary from a couple of hours to more than a day.

On her blog, you will find many ideas, patterns and discover her current projects. You can start practicing by following her tutorials or visiting her YouTube channel. Plus, you can always purchase some of her artwork.


2. Pyrocrafters, Wood, Flame, Stain

Website: pyrocrafters.com

About: Married couple creating wood burned artwork and teaching pyrography


Home page of the pyrocrafters.com site.

Aney and Clay mastered pyrography and they spend much time creating unique, handmade artwork. Their creations vary, ranging from portraits, military plaques, animal portraits, up to other custom pieces that you can imagine.

This kind of work is extremely durable and can be used as a decoration, or as a gift as well. Both Aney and Clay put much effort in their artwork, so the clients will receive a piece that they love. They work with the best tools and quality materials that are shaped by hand.

You can visit the blog section for full tutorials on pyrography, including the tools and materials required, as well as the amount of money you will need to spend on each project. In case you feel that wood burning is not for you, use their shop and purchase some of the available items. Plus, you can communicate with them and turn your custom designs into reality.


3. Kindled Arts

Website: kindledarts.com

About: Combining pyrography with other techniques with one main goal – creating unique artwork


Home page of the kindledarts.com site.

Aaron is the mastermind behind this blog – his main intention was to sell pyrography, however, this site developed in much more than that, combining different working techniques.

Aaron is a college drop-out, who succeeded in creating a sustainable business, earning by doing what he loves. Each piece of work is handmade and unique and you can find the whole process on his blog.

From drawing sketches, through choosing the adequate piece of wood and using special tools to design it, up to the final touches and adding coating, wood burning is a complex process that takes time.

In the blog section, you can find many interesting stories about the beginnings of Kindled Arts and many amazing pieces of artwork that started with just a simple idea. Each piece has its own story and you will easily notice the amount of effort put in each detail. You can purchase pyrography or other combination of techniques on his site.


4. JRA Gourd Art

Website: jragourdart.com

About: Jenn has always been creative and worked with many different artistic mediums, although her main focus is gourds

jra gourd art

Home page of the jragourdart.com site.

Jenn gets her inspiration from basically everything – feeling a connection with nature and God’s creations, up to its interests in medieval styles, as well as stories and songs. Implementing all of these may be tough, but the final product makes it worth.

Before 20 years, Jenn worked with gourds for the first time and that was a life-changing moment that forced her to replace her pencil with something else. Gourds are three dimensional and much different from other art mediums, which fascinated Jenn and gave her will to put her focus in this field.

However, gourds allow you to experiment a lot, using paint, pigments and other things that may come to your mind.

The gallery section will amaze you with so many different styles of gourds. Additionally, if you want to purchase some of the handmade, unique products, feel free to visit the shop section.


5. Wood Burning by Marsha

Website: woodburningbymarsha.com

About: Self-taught wood burner with a decade of experience in creating art onto wood

wood burning by marsha

Home page of the woodburningbymarsha.com site.

If you don’t have a teacher or someone to help you, starting something new can be a tough experience. However, this wasn’t the case with Marsha, as she tried hard enough and mastered pyrography.

She started with a simple, handheld burning tool and the thing that made her passionate about it was the ability to give life to the images, using a traditional tool. Marsha’s beginnings were simple, focusing on silhouettes and typography, but over time, as she got better, small details and shades become a new challenge.

Mixing the paint and watching the brush to make sure that is not dry is boring and common, so Marsha focused on pyrography as it could give her more freedom. The burning tool is like an arm extension and quickly become Marsha’s favorite art medium.

On her site, you can find different galleries and see many of her projects, including special and unique designs like you can’t see anywhere else.


6. Portland Pyrography – Make a Burning Impression

Website: portlandpyrography.com

About: A skillful pyrography artist that has been burning art into wood for about 20 years

portland pyrography

Home page of the portlandpyrography.co site.

Years ago Tracy and her family moved in a place far away from the nearest town, so they had to live using traditional, handheld tools. Thanks to this period in her life, Tracy fell in love with the process of creating things using nothing but a single tool and her hands.

She bought a cheap wood burner and decided to try what she could possibly create with it. She started with photo reproducing, both full-color and sepia-tones. The beginnings were just exploring her creativity, spending hours practicing her new hobby. From time to time, she created pieces as gifts for her family and friends, and after the word has spread, many people approached her asking for commissioned pieces.

Those years of practice turned Tracy into a professional wood burner. As a proof for this, it would be enough to check her gallery and see some of her unique creations. Plus, you may go to the shop section and purchase some of the pieces available, or contact her if you require commissioned pieces.


7. Champstiles Toronto Wood Burning

Website: champstilestoronto.com

About: Wood branding service specialized in custom and commission based wood burning

champstiles toronto

Home page of the champstilestoronto.com site.

Having experience as a woodworker, switching to wood burning wasn’t a completely new thing for Chris. He already had the feeling of working with wood and trying a different technique turned out to be the right thing to do.

Chris works for different clients that have different needs and desires. This helped him to expand his portfolio but also allowed to become more adaptive to changes and better with other working styles.

He enjoys nature, sports, politics and many more subjects which are an inspiration for his work. Trying to find the right piece of wood can be time-consuming, but Chris never gives up and often uses recycled wood.

On his blog, you should visit the gallery section that will amaze you, as there is so much to see. In the shop section, you can choose to buy some of the artwork available, or contact Chris for custom pieces.

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