Write for Us: Guest post on Toolazine!

Here at Toolazine we are looking for DIYers, tradespeople, hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, survival, preppers, car professionals (mechanics, manufacturers, testers, reviewers etc..), car enthusiasts or others interest in writing about topics relevant to Toolazine to share their tips and tricks by writing for us. If you have an idea for an article we will work with you to make sure that your article will fit with the other articles here on Toolazine.

Product manufacturers are welcome to submit an article too! Nobody knows more about their products than the manufacturers. We would love to talk to the people that designed or manufacture the tools no matter how large or small.

What should I write about?

Guest writers can write about anything related to topics covered on this site.

Can I post the article on my own site after its published here?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow articles published on our site to be published elsewhere. You can publish the first third of the article with a new introduction and link back to the article on Toolazine. We also encourage writers to post about the article on social media to publicize about the article!

I love writing! How often can I write?

If you want to submit multiple guest posts that is great! We are looking for writers who wish to submit articles monthly or bi-monthly. We are willing to make exceptions for good writers and work with your preferred schedule.


Writing Guidelines

We have some guest post guidelines for articles to be accepted here at Toolazine.

No duplicate content is accepted (Original content only) – if you have published an article elsewhere we can’t publish here. If you would like to re-work the same topic into a new article that is significantly different, this is ok.

The minimum article length is 2000 words. The more comprehensive the better. If you have a slightly shorter article we may be able to make an exception.

The article must answer the readers’ questions, include and answer some Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not pitch or submit us general topics ideas. I am only interested in articles on very specific topics so that it is covered in-depth.

For example, don’t submit a “top 10 kitchen DIY tips” article. That’s far too general. Instead, submit an article all about kitchen sinks. The more specific and detailed, the better.

What should your article length be?

At the very minimum, your article should be 2,000 words, however, in our experience, in order to adequately cover topics, you should aim for 2,000 to 3,000 words of content.

Images — Please try to include as many images as possible to deliver a clear message. We don’t have an exact number in mind, however, shoot for an image every 250-350 words of content to help paint a picture for the reader. Do not steal other site’s images you must have permission to publish the images either by taking them yourself and signing over the rights to us, buying them or using images that allow commercial use without attribution.

Quality is extremely important to us

I reject more articles than are approved for publishing. Ensure your article is high quality written by a native English speaker at an expert level and grammatically free of errors. If I need to correct the article it will be rejected.

Your article needs to be the best piece of content available anywhere on the topic you are writing and submitting.

If your article is missing something important I might end up rejecting the article.

How to format your article for submission:

Use Proper Heading Formatting

Please use proper heading formatting such as h2, h3, etc. Only the first heading can be h1. Then sub-heading are h2, h3 etc… The next main heading should be h2 again. If you do not know how to properly format headings search google or youtube about it. Just changing the font size is NOT creating a proper heading.


Use short sentences 2-4 sentences. No wall of text. Please use bullet lists or numbered lists where it makes sense. Break up the text with images and headings.

References and outbound links

Link to other web pages on Toolazine and other websites that are sources of information in the article and would be helpful to our readers.


Your article must be a useful interesting informational article.

I can provide a dofollow link to your website in the body of the article but it must make sense and the article must not promote your site specifically.

We’re fine with one dofollow link to your site in the content, but the article itself must be informational.


If you find or know of some good quality youtube videos that help the reader understand the point you are making in the article please include a link to them on YouTube.

Article title Ideas

Please suggest 3 to 5 article ideas for us to choose from.


By submitting an article for publishing on toolazine.com you agree to transfer the copyright to that article to toolazine.com

How to Promote Your Work

The more people read and learn about Toolazine, the more exposure you and the content you submit to Toolazine will get. We will promote you and in turn you help promote your content on Toolazine. It is a win-win.

Below are few ways you can help promote Toolazine and your contributions to it:

Word of mouth: Tell your friends about Toolazine and encourage them to visit the site.

Link to Us: If you have a blog or personal website, please link to us and to your guest post. Linking to us and your guest post sends a positive signal to Google and other search engines.

Write good content: The better guest post is, the more people will read it and come back to it and talk about it, and even recommend it to their friends. Writing great, helpful and easy to read content is one of the best ways to build engagement with your article and your brand. The authority will also flow to your site.

Write highly specific content: If your guest post is general in nature and has been covered thousands of times before then it is just a ‘one more post’. If it is highly specific then it is more useful and targeted and likely to get better engagement.

Write about Toolazine: If you write for another publication, magazine, a newsletter, or a Website, try linking to an article on Toolazine (not just your guest post but other relevant articles) in the articles that you publish elsewhere. Please feel free to list yourself as a contributor to on Toolazine, It helps to get help from other bigger publications, magazines, or platforms.

Add Toolazine.com blog/guides/resource pages to bookmark sharing sites: If you use Jots, reddit, del.icio.us, Shadows, simpy, StumbleUpon, or another bookmark-sharing Web site, add your favorite Toolazine.com and Resource pages.

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Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest: Visit and follow us on various socials to connect with us and to see the latest updates, featured blogs or guides, and to tell the world about our and your work.

Join our Email List: Lastly, be part of our email list where you will get updates from us.

Contact us to pitch your article

Get in contact with us about your idea for an article (preferably including a proposed article title) that you would like to write for us and publish on Toolazine.

Send an email to nigel [dot] william35 [at] gmail [dot] com

Subject: Write for us at Toolazine