The best cordless drill under $50, $75, $100, $150 & for any price Budget Inexpensive Low Cost Options Review

The best cordless drill under $50, $75, $100, $150 & for any price | Budget/Inexpensive/Low Cost Options | Review 2023

Your home or workshop just isn’t complete without a cordless drill. A cordless drill is such a versatile useful tool that you will end up using again and again.

I have spent 100s of hours researching, reviewing and comparing the different cordless drill models and put my finding into this 10000 + word article so you don’t have to. If you find it helpful please share it with others.

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Here are the results. The best cordless drill models from each price category are:

So, let’s into a little more detail.

So, what do you need a drill for?

This tool’s duty is drilling holes and driving screws. Did you recently get a new painting that you want to put on the wall, or you just feel like you can make the holes for the shelf on your own?

I know the feeling, getting things done can be frustrating if you don’t have the right equipment.


A cordless drill is the most popular portable tool of all time and as you will see it can be a very useful device. It won’t cost you much to get a quality model and you will enjoy the benefits of it for a long time.

But wait – there are many models on the market, what should you choose? It is true, the market is full nowadays and picking a quality model can be tricky. So, how can you choose?

Good news:

In this article, you will find many reviews which will make it a lot easier to choose the right model for you.

The best cordless drill under $50, $75, $100, $150 & for any price Review

Best cordless drill under each price category $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $300 and at any price

Hot Tip
This is THE ULTIMATE GUIDE on cordless drills. It is a long in-depth article. If you are looking for something specific please use the table of contents above. Most items are available on Amazon, you may want to add them to your cart on Amazon and decide your final choice another day. I also suggest that, since this is such a long epic article, that you bookmark this article in your web browser so that you can finish reading it another day.

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Cordless Drill Comparison table

Model Power in volts Torque Battery type Components Speeds Wight in lbs Price
Black & Decker 20 115 in./lb NiCAD Battery 0-750 RPM 3.8 $ Cheap price
Genesis GCD18BK 18 350 in./lb NiCAD/lithium-ion Battery, charger, 13- pc. Drill bit set, storage case 0-550 RPM 6.2 $ Cheap price
Tacklife PCD05B 20 265in./lb Lithium-ion Battery, charger, carrying case, flexible hex shaft, extension bit holder, 9pcs drill bits, 32 pcs driver bits 0-350 RPM/0-1300 RPM 5.8 $ Cheap price
Mosta LT18SB2A

18 255 in./lb Lithium-ion Charger, battery, host 0-350 RPM/0-1350 RPM 2.8 $ Cheap price
Cartman drill

20 220 in./lb Lithium-ion Battery, charger, belt buckle, 6 pcs screwdrivers bits, 6 pcs twist bits, extension rod 0-400 RPM/0-1500 RPM 5.6 $ Cheap price

20 265 in./lb Lithium-ion Switchdriver 2 in 1 drill and driver, 1/8’’ drill bit, 3/32’’ drill bit, 2 driver bits 0-1500 RPM 2 $ Cheap price
Dewalt DCD771C2

20 373 in/.lb Lithium-ion Battery, charger 0-450 RPM/0-1500 RPM 3.6 $ Cheap price
Milwaukee 2701-21P M18

18 500 in./lb Lithium-ion / 0-450 RPM/0-1800 RPM 3.7 $$ Mid price
Makita XPH102


18 480 in./lb Lithium-ion Battery, charger, tool case 0-600 RPM/0-1900 RPM 3.9 $$ Mid price
Hitachi DS18DSAL

18 460 in./lb Lithium-ion / 0-350 RPM/0-1500 RPM 6.8 $$ Mid price
Greenworks 37012B


24 498in./lb Lithium-ion Drive bit 0-1750 RPM 3 $$ Mid price
Skil Drill 18 400in./lb Lithium-ion Battery, charger 0-450 RPM/0-1400 RPM 4.4 $$$ Expensive price
Metabo SB18 LTX 4.0 18 885 in./lb Lithium-ion Battery, charger, case 0-450 RPM/0-1450 RPM 4.4 $$$ Expensive price
Festool 564513 TXS LI2.6 PLUS


10.8 140 in./lb Lithium-ion 2 batteries, charger, keyless chuck,

centrotec chuck and bit holder, PH 2 bit,


0-400 RPM/0-1200 RPM 2 $$$ Expensive price
Festool 574708 PDC Set


18 60 in./lb Lithium-ion PDC, centrotec chuck and bit holder, keyless chuck, side handle, charger, 2 batteries,systainer 0-3800 RPM 4.4 $$$ Expensive price
Festool 574887 BHC Set 18 220 in./lb Lithium-ion BHC 18, depth stop, side handle, systainer, charger, 2 batteries 0-1100 RPM 5.7 $$$ Expensive price

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Cordless drills reviews

In this section, you will find reviews on many different cordless drills.

Is your budget limited?

No need to worry, I have divided the models into several price categories so you will be able to find the bestcordless  drill that is within your set budget.

Cordless drills under $50

You desperately need a drill, but you have only 50 bucks to spend on it? Check this out.

Black and Decker GCO18SFB Review

Black and Decker GCO18SFB Review

The Black and Decker GCO18SFB with stud finder and carry bag

Are you tired of looking for a tool that will satisfy your needs, and you won’t pay a load of cash for it? Are you afraid that there is no drill like that?

Check this out:

This 3/8” cordless drill from Black and Decker is a lightweight drill that is designed for household use. It can drill holes and drive screws in any type of material.

Most people ask questions like – how quick can I finish the task?

The Black and Decker GCO18SFB has a quality stud finder that locates stud through walls with a thickness of 3/4 inches. This helps you to complete the task much faster.

It has a 24-position clutch that provides control and avoids one thing that everyone hates when it happens – stripping screws.

Can you handle it?

Of course, you can, as it weighs only 4.7 pounds. You can use it for hours and you won’t be tired.

It has a special soft grip, for additional comfort, so operation with it is a pleasure.

Plus, you get it with a storage bag that gives it a stylish look.

Another thing that you need to take a look at is the speed control. Unlike other cordless drills, you can control the speed of this one with just a trigger from 0 up to 750 RPM.

You can use it for different tasks like turning bolts, drilling, and grinding.

Since the drill is cordless, the logic says that it is powered by a battery. But, what type of batteries and how many of them?

The drill comes with one 18V battery, and you get a charger as well. So, how long can you operate with it in one charge?

Well, the period is mostly defined by how you use the drill. This includes speed, task, etc. However, generally, this model will offer you longer periods of use on one charge, compared to drills similar in price to this one.

Not everything is perfect, and we have to mention one negative aspect. In case the battery dies, you will have to buy another one on your own, although this isn’t likely to happen in the first few years.

All in all, this compact and lightweight drill is the perfect choice for every household. It is small, easy to pack and can handle basically all the tasks that a homeowner may face.

Although this model isn’t perfect, if you are not a professional, this will do the job for you. It is worth every cent of its price, and it is a must-have model for every household.

Check the latest price of the Black and Decker GCO18SFB here on Amazon.


  • stud finder
  • 24- position clutch
  • speed control
  • 18 V battery
small, lightweight only one battery
easy to pack not the best pick for tough tasks

Genesis GCD18BK Review

Genesis GCD18BK

The Genesis GCD18BK

Never heard of this brand? Before you start judging, let’s proceed to the reasons that will convince you into buying this model. Did you know the Genesis also make a great Miter saw? Check out my review of the best miter saws for each price range here.

Check this:

This drill has ranked highly in customer feedback amongst drills on Amazon for the past several years. For a less known brand, this is pretty cool.

What about its features?

According to drill gurus, this model has features almost equal to a $100 cordless drill. Yes, you read that right.

First of all, it has a 3/8” keyless chuck, 18V power and a belt clip. This model is extremely durable and able to drill holes and drive screws with ease.

How do you handle it?

So, this is a well-balanced drill that fits perfectly in your hand. It offers much comfort and it weighs about as same as other similar models.

However, you don’t feel the 6.2 pounds into your hand, and many users find it lighter than they thought it would be before buying it.

Have you experienced the struggle of drilling into dark areas?

Pretty difficult, isn’t it? Even the most experienced users will have troubles drilling in dark areas, or corners.

Genesis decided to find a solution for this issue, and the solution is in the details of this drill.

The LED guide level, will help you with this problem. Plus, there are other features that can make tasks easier  – bit case and storage case.

Not everything is perfect with this model, and we have to mention its negative aspects as well.

You cannot drill through any material type, as it maximum speed is only 550 RPM. You may not have enough power for every possible task, but it is a good drill for a household.

You get only one battery with it, so you may have to buy another one after a while.

You shouldn’t have high expectations, the reality is next – most people like this drill, even though it isn’t capable of every task, it is said to be about equal with the previous Black and Decker model.

To sum up, if your budget is limited to $50, this is a drill you should consider. Even it is not the best cordless drill, it offers great value for the money.

Check the latest price of the Genesis GCD18BK here on Amazon.


  • belt grip
  • LED light
  • speed control
  • 18 V battery
  • 3/8” keyless chuck
small, lightweight only one battery
easy to pack not the best pick for tough tasks

Cordless drills under $75

If you are not satisfied with the performances from the previous models, continue reading as with just $25 more, you can get something more.

Tacklife PCDO5B Review

Are you a fan of DIY videos? There are great things that you can do with little effort and in next to no time, but most of them require special tools.

Tacklife PCDO5B Review

The Tacklife PCDO5B

With so many models on the market, what should you choose?

The Tacklife PCDO5B 3/8” cordless drill is one of the best choices you can make in your life. Even professionals like it as it is a good model for drilling and fastening, so you can use it for framing, repairing and cabinet installation.

Many people are afraid of buying a cordless drill mostly because of the time needed for charging. So, the question here is:

How long would it take the battery to fully charge?

The 20 V 2.0 Ah battery can be fully charged in about an hour, which put this model in front of its competition.

Plus, you have 3 indicators – green, yellow and red, that show the percentage of power consumption, so you will know when you will need to re-charge your battery.

In case you plan to work longer than usual, you can take the attachable battery and install it with no effort.

What about the speed?

Unlikely many other drills, this one has 2 speed switches. So, you can drill through wood and metal, but you need to use the right speed.

Based on your task, you can choose from 0-350 RPM or 0-1300 RPM.

Now, a bit about its design. How this model fits in your hand?

Very good actually. Thanks to its ergonomic design, and rubberized handle, it will give you a comfortable grip for working in tight spaces for long periods.

It is a lightweight model, with only 5.8 pounds, and you get it with a sturdy belt clip, which makes it convenient to carry it with you, without the fear of losing it.

I mentioned how difficult is to work in dark places and corners. How did Tacklife solve this?

Simple, with using an innovative design of a LED light that widens its range of illumination. This offers great functionality, so you won’t experience problems trying to work in those dark places.

Apart from these, the Tacklife includes more accessories.

Having a drill shaft may help you a lot in situations where the drill can’t work. In addition, you get 9 packs of drills and 32 packs of bit drivers, with an extension bit holder as well.

If you are still looking for your favorite drill, consider this one as well. It is a great quality model.

Check the latest price of the Tacklife PCDO5B here on Amazon.


  • 3/8” keyless chuck
  • 20 V battery
  • LED light
  • speed control
  • belt clip
  • drills and drivers
small, lightweight only one battery
easy to pack not the best pick for tough tasks
fast charging battery

Mosta LT18SB2A Review

Mosta Tools may not be a famous brand, but it is a manufacturer of quality professional and semi-professional power tools.

Mosta LT18SB2A Review

The Mosta LT18SB2A

Our pick from this company would be the Mosta LT18SB2A and here is why we chose exactly this one.

This drill has 18 level adjustment and it is the ideal pick for drilling and fastening.

So, more briefly, what materials can you use this with?

Luckily, a variety of materials like wood, metal, and plastic for a huge range of applications like framing, cabinet installation and so on.

So, we have another model that is great for professional contractors, but also for homeowners who like fixing stuff around their home and their hobby is DIY.

This model solves the problem of drilling in dark areas and corners as well.

The Mosta did the same as other manufacturers  – they included a front working lamp, that makes the process of drilling much easier. This means you won’t have troubles next time when you get to work on a cabinet.

The applicability of this model is increased and users find it very convenient to use it, mostly because it represents something between an electric drill and a hammer drill.

Plus, Mosta made big improvements on the handle, so you will enjoy working with it and you won’t end up exhausted.

Amazingly, it weighs only 2.8 pounds.

There is one pretty good feature that Mosta can show off with – the speed trigger.

According to what activities you are using the drill for, you can switch it from 0-350 RPM or 0-1300 RPM.

You get it with a 18V Lithium-ion battery with a charger as well. The good thing here is that you can charge the battery very quick, in about an hour.

But, not everything is perfect with this model and apart from reading the manual, there is something else you need to consider.

Do you have a habit of putting things to charge and leaving them there for a while? I used to do the exact same thing until I read this.

You need to take care more of this battery as if you leave it on the charger for more than 12 hours, that can seriously damage it.

If you don’t have plans of using it in near future, make sure you switch it to off remove it from the charger and put it in a dry place.

In addition to this, when using the drill make sure that the temperature of the room, or the workplace, is an ambient temperature, as higher or lower temperature may affect the normal use of the drill.

To sum up, this model has both pros and cons, but we can say it is a good model for a price under $75. Of course, your money, your decisions, but I really hope that this review will help you when deciding.

Check the latest price of the Mosta LT18SB2A on Amazon.


  • LED light
  • 18 level adjustment
  • speed trigger
  • 18 V battery
small, lightweight only one battery, can be easily damaged
easy to pack not the best pick for tough tasks
fast charging battery

Cartman drill Review

As a hobbyist or a DIYer, you will fall in love with this model. It is probably the cheapest one in its category, but it isn’t a lower quality one.

Cartman drill Review

The Cartman drill

What makes it so special?

This drill uses 20V Li-ion battery and it is a great tool for both contractors and craftsmen. It is a versatile tool, but it can also add a little power for working in your shop.

It is a compact and lightweight drill. It weighs only 5.6 pounds, so it is easy to use and quite portable.

The design is also different – it has an anti-slip soft grip so your fatigue is reduced and your comfort is maximized.

Since it is a cheap model, how long will it last?

This drill is made of the sturdy materials, so it should last for many years of normal use.

Does the amount of activity affect its lifetime?

I have heard this question many times and it is time to answer it. It is known that professionals use the drill more than usual and for tasks that are more difficult than the tasks an average homeowner is doing.

It doesn’t mean for sure that the drill won’t last long, but it is less likely. However, if you are a typical homeowner or hobbyist, none of this should concern you.

You will be able to do your tasks quickly and efficiently and the drill will last longer than you expect.

Any speed features?

This model has a speed trigger as well, so according to the task difficulty, you can choose between 0-400 RPM or 0-1500 RPM.

This makes the Cartman drill one of the best models in its price category for drilling into wood, but it is also good for other materials like plastic and metal. With the 21-position clutch, you will have more precision when drilling.

Another thing we need to mention is that this drill has a maximum torque of 25 Nm.

Furthermore, this drill has a LED light as well, so drilling in dark areas and corners isn’t a problem.

What about the battery?

Well, it isn’t the battery that makes this drill a good model. So, let’s go through the aspects of its battery.

The 20V 1.5AH Lithium-ion battery has longer run time and improved performances. Then, what is the problem?

Unlike many similar models, this one needs more time to fully charge, which is about 3 to 5 hours. Plus, it doesn’t have a backup battery.

In conclusion, looking at both the positive and negative aspects, we can agree that this drill is a good value for its price. For under $75 it is a great deal many homeowners would agree on.

Check the price of the Cartman drill here on  Amazon.


  • 20 V battery
  • speed trigger
  • LED light
  • 21 position clutch
small, lightweight only one battery
versatile not the best pick for professionals
cheapest longer charging time

WORX WX176L.9 Review

Talking about cordless drills, without including a WORX model? Impossible!

WORX WX176L.9 Review

The WORX WX176L.9

Are you tired of buying batteries for every power tool you get? I know the struggle, as I have been in the same position.

Imagine what would be like to have a battery that is compatible with many power tools.

Good news:

You don’t have to imagine, as the WORX batteries are compatible with most of their power tools. That is awesome, right?

If the battery is part of the Power Share platform, you will save time and money as you can use the battery for other power tools.

Let’s see what else you need to know about this model.

This 20V cordless drill has rotating dual chucks that will allow you to hold multiple bit pairings at once, and do the task in a shorter period of time, with less effort.

In order to handle different tasks, you should choose from 2 different speeds. With this feature, you will be able to handle almost any task.

Have you heard of the switch on the fly?

This feature makes this model way better as the two 1/4” chucks can rotate 180 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, with just a single touch of a button.

This means you can go from drilling to driving instantly.

With 2 pounds, this is definitively a lightweight machine. Plus, it is equipped with electronic torque control.

How is this important?

Well, as a drill user you have been in a situation when the screw strips. This is not only irritating, but it can also damage the surface you are working on or maybe the materials.

So, this type of control reduces the risk of situations like that.

What can make you feel worse than stripping screws?

You probably got the right answer – loose bits. Then how did WORX fix this problem?

The rotating chucks can be loaded with the bits instantly so you will do the task efficiently and you can be 100% sure that they won’t be loose and they won’t fall out.

WORX followed its competition and didn’t forget about the LED light as well. Thanks to that, you won’t struggle with working in corners and dark places.

As you may notice by yourself, this model has features like none of the above models. However, it is only fair to mention something that you might consider as a negative point as well.

You can get this model for around for under $75, but the charger isn’t included in the price. So, unless you have a WORKX battery charger from another tool that you can use it, you will need to pay more for a charger.

To conclude, considering everything this powerful machine deserves a place in your garage. It has customer feedback, so that should be a reason plus to convince you to buy it.

Check the price of the WORX WX176L.9 here on Amazon.


  • 20 V Power Share battery
  • rotatory dual chucks
  • speed trigger
  • switch of the fly
  • electric torque control
  • LED light
lightweight and compact only one compatible battery
versatile not the best pick for professionals
cheap charger is not included

Cordless drills under $100

You need something more powerful than what we offered and you are willing to spend no more than $100. Let’s see what you can find on the market.

Dewalt DCD771C2 Review

This would be the first Dewalt model on our list and you know for sure that this manufacturer provides quality models that last long. Dewalt also make some great portable & benchtop table saws. See my review of the best benchtop & portable contractorjobsite table saws here.

Dewalt DCD771C2 Review

The Dewalt DCD771C2

So, what can we say about this one? Continue reading to find out.

Who would benefit most from this tool?

It is a lightweight, compact drill specially designed for working in tight spaces for long periods.

Do you need to start a task in a ceiling crawl space, cabinet or other dark place and stay there for hours until you finally finish it?

If you answered yes, this model is the right choice for you.

Contractors and DIYers will love this model as it can offer features that will help them in completing their daily tasks. It comes with a warranty of 3 years, which is a proof of durability.

But what about the battery? Can it last for several hours?

Unfortunately, like most drill batteries, it can’t. It doesn’t matter if it has a great design for working in tight places if you don’t have enough power for that.

Dewalt couldn’t create a battery with bigger capacity, but they managed to solve this problem somehow.

The 20 V battery will last as any other battery of its type, but the advantage is next – Dewalt included 2 batteries.

So, if your battery is empty in a middle of your task, you just replace it with the second one and continue working. In meantime, the other battery can be charging.

Different tasks require different speeds. Dewalt is aware of this, so they included a speed trigger that allows you to choose between 2 speeds, 0-450 RPM, and 0-1500RMP.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to perform a huge variety of drilling and fastening applications. In addition to this, it is important to mention the high-performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts out.

What about the design? 

One of the most frequently asked questions – how does it fit into my hand? With its ergonomic design, it fits pretty well and offers not only control but also more comfort.

It weighs only 3.6 pounds, so operating with it would be a pleasure and you won’t end up exhausted. A lightweight drill is best if you need to hold the drill above your head for some applications.

What type is the chuck?

It has a 1/2” single sleeve ratcheting keyless chuck that will provide tight bit gripping strength. With this feature, the bits won’t be loose, which is another great feature of the Dewalt.

To sum up, this cordless drill has many advantages that make it suitable to become your main drill. It is a quality model that will last longer, and you can get it for around $100. That is a great deal, and you shouldn’t doubt it’s value for a second.

Check the latest price of the Dewalt DCD771C2 here on Amazon.


  • 20 V battery
  • speed trigger
  • 1/2 single sleeve ratcheting keyless chuck
lightweight and compact not the best pick for professionals
high-performance motor
2 batteries included

Cordless drills under $150

Looking for some quality models, but your budget is up to $150? No problem, check these recommendations.

Milwaukee 2701-21P M18 Review

As a contractor, you already know how hard is to find the right drill for you. The research may last hours, days or weeks.

Milwaukee 2701-21P M18 Review

The Milwaukee 2701-21P M18

Luckily, you don’t have to go through that as here is one model that will meet your needs.

This compact brushless drill is a great option for a contractor and it is one of the best models in its category price.

What makes it so special?

The secret is in the brushless motor that delivers over 50% more run-time compared with the brushed-motor drills.

Along with the brushless motor, Milwaukee created the REDLINK electronics and red lithium batteries that together create more efficient power delivery and battery charging.

What are REDLINK electronics and red lithium battery?

Milwaukee made a revolution in the power cordless drill industry by implementing these two things. Since it is the first time I mention this, I think it would be good to give it an explanation.

The REDLINK intelligence is a special feature designed by Milwaukee for overload protection & temperature monitoring in order to prevent damage and provide a maximum tool and battery life.

The red lithium battery is a lithium battery with improved performance. So, it delivers more work per charge and the life of the battery is increased.

Other key features of this Milwaukee:

You get a warranty as well, as a confirmation of its durability.

According to this, you may expect a big and heavy drill. But in reality, it is completely the opposite.

This drill is a small, lightweight, compact machine capable of many different tasks. It weighs only 3.7 pounds, and it is a great pick for working in tight spaces and where you need to hold the drill above your shoulder height to complete the task.

Contractors often work in dark areas which requires having portable light. Like many other drills, Milwaukee fixed this problem by including a drill-mounted a LED light so you won’t have to take another lamp or other source that will brighten your room.

Even though it is small, this machine can deliver 500 in./lbs of torque. Every task has different drill speed requirements, so you can eaisly switch from 0-450 RPM to 0-1800 RPM.

The speed ranges, as well as the torque, should be enough to convince you that this drill is capable of more activities than you can imagine.

In addition, the 1/2” metal chuck and all the metal gear provide maximum impact and shock durability.

This drill isn’t the best one available, but considering the price, functionality and quality it is the best model for contractors. Considering all drills on the market, this one offers very good value for the money.

You can get it for under $150, which is a great price for this durable and powerful tool.

Check the price of the Milwaukee 2701-21P M18 here on Amazon.


  • REDLINK electronics
  • red lithium 18 V battery
  • LED light
  • speed trigger
  • 1/2” metal chuck
lightweight and compact not the best pick for the toughest tasks
more run-time
best model for contractors

Hitachi DS18DSAL Review

There isn’t a better way to find a quality tool than looking at the consumers’ feedback. So, what can you expect from a drill that was rated as the best buy option? Let’s proceed with the review and check if your expectations were true.

Hitachi DS18DSAL Review

The Hitachi DS18DSAL

Then what did the consumers said about this drill?

In short, they found this drill a lightweight and compact one, great pick for contractors, especially for its speed and power.

Hitachi DS18DSAL has 460 in./lb of torque which makes it quite easy to drive fasteners and drill into a variety of materials like wood, plastic, and some metals.

Another important thing to mention is the speed settings. It has 2-speed settings, 0-350 RPM, and 0-1500 RPM.

The selector is clearly marked and the speed varies on the pressure you are applying on the trigger and it has a reverse direction as well.

How can you set the right amount of torque?

The keyless chuck has 22 settings to get the right amount of torque.

How do you change the bits?

You can change the bits with only one hand, very quickly thanks to the metal ratcheting chuck. You can take the smaller bits out with just a twist. However, for the larger ones, you will need to grip the chuck and hit the trigger to spin it all the way.

The LED light is mounted on the trigger and will help you to work in dark areas.

Even with so many extra features and accessories, this drill weighs only 3.5 pounds.

The carbon brushes are easily accessible and if you want to decrease the maintenance cost, you can remove the carbon brushes from the motor and replace them yourself.

Now, a bit about its battery. This drill is powered by an 18 V rechargeable battery. On one charge, you can work for about an hour, and it takes about 40 minutes for a battery to fully charge.

If you like to finish longer tasks in one go, you will be happy to hear that this model comes with 2 batteries, so you can charge the other one while you are using the drill.

Plus, the drill has an indicator that shows the battery level, so you won’t wonder how much time you have left.

Most of the manufacturers offer several years warranty, but Hitachi did something else. They will give you 2 years warranty for the batteries and a lifetime warranty for the tool.

So, if this durable model somehow stops working, you can get it fixed or replaced with a new one.

In the end, this Hitachi model can satisfy all your needs. The price for under $150, which is a good price for what you get.

Check the price of the Hitachi DS18DSAL here on Amazon.


  • speed trigger
  • 22 settings keyless chuck
  • metal ratcheting chuck
  • LED light
  • 18 V battery
compact not ideal for toughest tasks
great for contractors
lifetime warranty
2 batteries included

Greenworks 37012B Review

Wait, there is more, and it only gets better. This time, you will read about the Greenworks 37012B.

Greenworks 37012B Review

The Greenworks 37012B

You have probably heard of this brand, but what can this model offer? Check this out.

Greenworks managed to combine power and speed with a lightweight design, so this drill is the piece that was missing in your garage.

It is powered by a 24 V lithium-ion battery that has longer run-time and spends less time on the charger.

What about its motor?

It has 2 speeds, 0-450 RPM, and 0-1700RPM and it provides 498 in./lb of torque. Different tasks require different speed and power, which could be tough for you.

However, with the 24-step clutch adjustment and the variable speed trigger, you can manage to finish every task.

Depending on the task difficulty, some of the tasks may need longer periods of time to get it finished.

The battery has longer run-time, so that won’t be a problem, but what about fatigue?

Greenworks created an over-molded soft grip that reduces the fatigue, so you won’t end the drilling tired. It weighs 6.8 pounds, which is more compared with other models, but it isn’t something that should concern you.

Many users often work at night. Whether you do this because you want, or you just can’t finish everything through the day, the light you have at night isn’t even close to the sunlight.

If you need to work in dark places, or in corners, you will need to focus on drilling and lightening the place. Doing two jobs at the same time is very difficult, so Greenworks came up with the idea of putting a LED light on the drill.

This way, you will only focus on the drilling and will achieve your goal to lighten the place you are working as well.

This cordless drill has 1/2” keyless chuck provides versatility which is another reason why contractors love this model.

Many rigorous drilling duties can be done using this model. There isn’t a limit on how and where you can use this model.

To be more precise, you can – fix things around your home, in the workshop, try something new if DIY is your passion. With the performances of this model, you can do many things quickly and easily.

All in all, this model shouldn’t surprise you as Greenworks constantly makes quality power tool.

Even though it looks small, this machine is much more powerful than you can imagine.

The price for it is affordable, as you can get it for under $150. Comparing the price with its performance, it is easy to notice that this drill is a must-have for every household. If you were looking for a new tool to add to your garage, this one will do the job.

Check the latest price of the Greenworks 37012B here on Amazon.


  • 24 V battery
  • 24 step clutch
  • speed trigger
  • LED light
  • 1/2 keyless chuck
compact not ideal for professionals
powerful heavier than other similar to it
reduced fatigue

Cordless drills under $200

If you can afford yourself a budget of $200, you can get a great drill for that price. Let’s see what are your options.

Makita XPH102 Review

Makita is one of the oldest manufacturers of power tools that constantly provides quality and durable drills. Makita make some great chainsaws. See my review of the different Makita chainsaws here. If you didn’t find your favorite model yet, take a look at this one.

Makita XPH102 Review

The Makita XPH102

The Makita XPH102 is a tool that combines speed and torque in a compact size with an efficient battery.

It can be used for applications in many different materials like wood, plastic, metal, masonry, concrete.

Let’s take a look at the motor.

Makita created a four-pole motor that delivers amazing 480 in./lbs torque. However, this is not the only thing that defines the range of applications you can use this drill for.

This drill has a variable speed design, so based on the task you can choose to go with 0-600 RPM or 0-1900 RPM. Whether you want to drill holes or drive screws, many activities are possible with this drill.

You might have experienced working in harsh conditions and probably know how complicated that could be. In order to help you with that, Makita designed a special protection technology that provides increased dust and water resistance.

However, this technology isn’t their only innovation.

The Star Protection technology protects the drill from overloading, overheating and, believe it or not, of over-discharging, which is equal to a revolution in the world of drills.

This model is powered by a 18V battery that is compatible with other models that are using the Star Protection technology.

Makita is a leader in producing chargers as well. The Rapid Optimum Charger optimizes the battery life with controlling the voltage and temperature.

Plus, it has a fan for cooling the battery and here is the best part – the battery spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

Using this drill is quite easy since it has a compact design and it weighs just 3.9 pounds. Plus, it has a rubberized grip for maximum comfort while using it.

They created a feature for working in harsh conditions, but what about working in low-light areas?

Makita didn’t forget about this too, so they implemented a LED light so you will be able to work in corners and dark areas.

All of the metal parts provide great durability and as a proof for that, you get a warranty of 3 years.

Take a look at this:

For easier transportation, Makita created a reversible belt clip. It is attached to either side of the drill, so it will be easier to hang it on and go to the place when you need to finish the task.

The best part – you can get this drill for a price of under $200. Sounds unreal, but it is true. Don’t wait for any second, grab this model and you will notice the benefits of having it instantly.

Check the latest price of the Makita XPH102 here on Amazon.


  • four-pole motor
  • speed trigger
  • protection technology
  • Star technology
  • Rapid Optimum Charger
  • 18 V battery
  • LED light
  • belt clip
compact expensive
efficient battery


Skil Cordless Drill Review

Let me take a wild guess – you have tried many models, but none of them does not fit your needs. I feel your frustration, as I understand what is like to keep throwing money for tools that do not meet your expectations.

Skil Cordless Drill Review

The Skil Cordless Drill

Here is the solution – a tool designed for your needs. Can this really be true?

Check this out:

This cordless drill is powered by an 18 V battery and it has 20+1 clutch settings. Why is this important?

Well, stripping screws can be very annoying, everyone who has used a drill for once knows this. So, this feature prevents that problem, which means one worry less for you.

You can select the right amount of torque needed for the task, so the screws won’t strip. However, the maximum torque for this one is 400 in./lb.

It has 3/8” keyless chuck, that makes the bits replacement simple and quick process. You can tighten or loosen the chuck with your hand, which means you do not need any extra tools in order to replace the bits.

It weighs only 3 pounds and it has a rubberized handle. The handle is T-type so you can get a better grip and it won’t fall off your hand.

So, not only that the operation is made easier, but you get maximum comfort and you won’t feel tired like you would do after performing those activities on a less ergonomic drill.

With the battery, you get a charger as well. But are there any other accessories?

Yes, you get a double ended bit and a carrying bag. You don’t get a lot of drill bits like some other drill kits, but these ones will do the job.

Regarding of the task, you can choose from 2 speeds. The speed trigger allows you to choose between 0-450 RPM or 0-1400 RPM.

This small and lightweight drill can be used for a huge range of activities, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you want a new coffee table in your living room, or you just discovered a way how to use the wooden board form your garage, this drill will help you.

This drill is a quite good model for every household. It is compact, easy to use and store. What is its price?

You can get it for around $200. If you can afford it, you will be satisfied with it.

Honestly, even though I mentioned many positive aspects of this drill, this isn’t the best model you can find.

This drill comes with a one year warranty which is not as long as your would expect for a great quality drill in this price range.

Check the price of the Skil Cordless Drill here on Amazon.


  • 18 V battery
  • 20+1 clutch settings
  • 3/8” keyless chuck
  • speed trigger
compact limited warranty
powerful expensive
great for a huge range of activities
ergonomic design

Cordless drills under $300

For a budget of $300, you can get a high-quality model. So, check out our recommendations.

Metabo SB18 LTX Review

Are you familiar with this brand? If not, you definitively should.

Metabo SB18 LTX Review

The Metabo SB18 LTX

Metabo is an international manufacturer of quality power tools for professionals and abrasives for industrial, welding, and other applications.

In this section, we will only stick to one of their power tools, more precisely, one of the best drills ever made.

Let’s start with its power source.

This particular drill is powered by a lithium-ion battery, mostly like any other drill. So, what is new here?

Well, it looks like any other battery, but this one has 33% longer run-time and its lifespan is increased again by 33% compared to the traditional batteries.

Every drill user knows how annoying it could be to stop in the middle of a task because of an empty battery, or to be obligated to buy a new one as the previous just suddenly stopped working.

Plus, unlike many other manufacturers, Metabo’s battery is compatible with many of their power tools.

So, this famous battery, known as Ultra -M doesn’t have a memory effect, which means that you do not have to wait for it to totally discharge before you put it on the charger, and believe it or not, that won’t create any damage to the battery or its charging capability.

Sounds good, right? But wait – there is more you need to know about this battery.

They weigh less compared to other similar drills, so as a result of that, it is lightweight. Metabo developed a cooling system, that cools the battery to a particular temperature during the time the battery is on the charger.

With the LED indicator on the battery, you can check its power at any time while it is charging.

Their electronic system monitors every cell of the battery to prevent any possible damage to it.

But what if somehow the battery stop working? No problem.

It has a 3-year warranty, so you will get a new one for free. Plus, you get not one, but two batteries with a charger.

Now, enough about the battery, what else makes this drill so good?

It weighs only 4.4 pounds, so it is a compact model that fits perfectly in your hand. Once you work with the Metabo SB18 LTX, I think that you will find it comfortable to use.

It can be used for a huge variety of tasks, in or around your house. It has a maximum torque of 885 in./lb with a precision stop, a feature that offers an extremely long lifetime of the drill.

Besides the charger and the batteries, you get a nice carrying case for it.

You can get this great tool for a price of under $300. If you can afford it, you won’t regret as this one is one of the best drills available and a peak of Metabo’s achievements.

Check the latest price of the Metabo SB18 LTX here on Amazon.


  • 18 V battery
  • LED indicator
  • electronic protection system
  • precision stop
compact expensive
longer run-time and lifespan of the battery
ergonomic design

Festool 564513 TXS LI2.6 Review

Festool is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools, and drills are their specialty.

Festool 564513 TXS LI2.6 Review

The Festool 564513 TXS LI2.6

If you want a really high-quality drill, then you should try a Festool as their models are super high quality, durable and designed for the most difficult activities.

Still not convinced? Check this out.

This drill has a T-type handle that not only fits good in your hand. This drill also delivers plenty of torque. Let’s begin with its specifications and features.

This Festool drill is a lightweight and compact model and it is extremely easy to operate with it.

Even with the chuck attached to it, it weighs only 2 pounds. Unbelievable, right? You can work with it for many hours without feeling tired at all.

Drill manufacturers tend to make their models as small as possible, mostly for one well-known reason – reaching everywhere. If you ever needed to work in a tight place, you know what I am talking about.

Luckily, Festool found a way to create a solution for this. With the FastFix chuck system, you can use the drill with the Centrotec chuck, the keyless chuck or the optional right angle attachment.

Festool 497951 CXS Drill Right Angle Chuck

The Festool 497951 CXS Drill Right Angle Chuck is sold separately from the drill. Check the latest price here on Amazon.

This will allow working in places that you couldn’t even reach with your drill before. Plus, with the LED light mounted on it, you can work whenever you want without having any problems.

It is powered by a 10.8 V battery and has features many similar drills can only dream about. So, in short, it has a speed trigger for different speeds according to your task, a four-bit magnetic storage, and a reversible belt clip so you can hang the drill on.

Is that all? Of course not!

What if you want to switch from drilling to fastening? Many models require torque settings changing, but not this one.

The thing here is next- you just need to slip the lever into independent drill and torque settings.

What about driver functionality?

The Centrotec system offers quick bit changes or complete chuck removal in order to use the advantage of the 1/4” bit holder.

The problems with over-driving and stripping screws is solved with the 12- position clutch that offers maximum precision.

Many drills come with a battery and a charger, but that isn’t the case with this one. With This Festool model, you get 2 batteries, Centrotec chuck, a bit holder, 3/8” keyless chuck, as well as a belt clip.

To sum up, you shouldn’t hesitate much about buying this model. For a price of under $300, you can enjoy the benefits of this great quality drill.

Check the latest price of the Festool 564513 TXS LI2.6 here on Amazon.


  • FastFix chuck system
  • LED light
  • four-bit magnetic storage
  • speed trigger
  • reversible belt clip
  • Centrotec system
  • 10.8 V battery
compact expensive
easy to operate with it
ergonomic design

Cordless drills at any price

If the price doesn’t matter and you are willing to pay as much as it is needed for a quality drill, you are at the right place. Here are the best drills available.

Festool 574708 PDC Set Review

But wait, I am not over with Festool yet. There are more great models that you should take a look at.

Festool 574708 PDC Set Review

The Festool 574708 PDC Set

Consumers often like to describe tools in few words. It is a good way to express how they feel about the machine.

So, how can you describe this one?

Fast, strong and unbeatable. Believe it or not, that is right.

I am pretty sure that many of you waited for a model like this, so the wait is finally over. Now, let’s proceed to the drill.

Festool used PDC 18 set in order to create the ultimate drill. The four-speed gearbox gives you loads of torque for drilling materials with bits with large diameters.

Many models have different speeds according to the task you are about to work on. However, none of it can’t deliver like this drill can – an amazing 3800 RPM.

Thanks to this, you will be able to drill through the hardest materials quickly. The gearbox allows you to choose the low speed for easier drilling, high-speed to drill through concrete or just mid-range speed for normal activities.

This drill is said to be the most versatile model ever. This is not just an opinion, but it is based on facts. So, what makes it versatile?

It is supported by a set of FastFix chucks and a full Centrotec bit change system. This is enough to prove you that this is the only drill you may ever need.

You know what makes it fast and what makes it strong. But what makes it unbeatable?

The secret is in the motor. This Festool drill has an EC-TEC brushless motor and when you combine that with an 18 V battery – here is your answer.

You get a drill that is very powerful and durable and has longer run times compared with other models.

This model comes with two 5.2 Ah batteries, each weighs 4.4 pounds. This weight isn’t much, but if you don’t use the drill for tough tasks, you may make it lighter.

How can you do this?

It is very simple, you just need to replace the battery with a 2.6 Ah one.

With this model, you get the Centrotec chuck and bit holder, as well as the PH 2 bit, the FastFix keyless chuck and an additional side-mounted grip. You also get the festool battery charger.

All in all, this Festool drill deserves your attention. It is a high –quality model, and it is basically everything you need from a drill. You can get it for about $600, which isn’t cheap but is worth for what you get.

Check the latest price of the Festool 574708 PDC Set here on Amazon.


  • four-speed gearbox
  • FastFix chucks
  • Centrotec system
  • EC-TEC brushless motor
  • 18 V battery
compact expensive


Festool 574887 BHC Set Review

To finish with, here is another Festool drill. In case none of the previous fits your needs, then you should definitively take a look at this one.

Festool 574887 BHC Set Review

The Festool 574887 BHC Set

Festool drills have proven the be the best drills available on the market. So, what makes this one special?

This small drill has an ergonomic design and the innovation here is in the handle. It has a handle on C-type design and the reason for that is clear.

This compact handle gives you bigger control over the drill and a directed pressure point, while still maintaining power and capability.

Another thing that influences the handling, is the weight. It weighs about 5.7 pounds and it has the best power-to-weight ratio in its category.

With its low-vibration feature, it provides comfortable and efficient one-handed use for longer periods of time. Operating with the tool should be a pleasure and with all of these features, you won’t feel tired after working with it.

Festool drills are designed for the toughest demands. This means, they are used by professionals and are pushed to their limits every day.

This requires a warranty, that the drill will withstand those efforts, as the price that you have to pay is expensive.

You will receive a 36-month warranty for the drill, and a 10-year warranty for the parts.

Only 3 years warranty on so expensive model?

That was my first thoughts too. However, this tool is said to be very durable, so you shouldn’t experience any issues even after decades of using it.

The C-handle combined with an EC-TEC motor is a deadly combination. You get a lightweight model, easy to control, but very powerful.

The brushless motor has integrated motor management for prolonged life and constantly providing the highest output.

This drill can be used for various tasks, both indoor and outdoor. You can drill holes through different materials like concrete, masonry, and stone.

This drill is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery, that charges for about 45 minutes and have a run-time of an hour. It is supported by a full range of bits, Centrotec accessories, drill dust nozzle.

If you have used some other Festool power tool, you may not have to buy batteries, as they will be compatible with the other machines.

With the drill, you get 2 batteries, a charger, depth stop and side handle as well.

To sum up, this Festool machine is a great quality one. It is quite expensive, but for what you get, it is worth every cent of it. It is your money, your decisions so it is up to you to make the choice.

Check the latest price of the Festool 574887 BHC Set here on Amazon.


  • low-vibration feature
  • 18 V battery
  • Centrotec system
  • drill bits
compact expensive
best power-to-weight ratio

Best cordless drill buying guide

Buying a cordless drill isn’t as easy as it looks like. It requires much effort, it is time-consuming and you can end up with a drill that is not the right pick for you. This is the worst scenario, and if you follow this simple guide, that won’t happen to you.

If you ever visited a tool shop, you probably had the chance to look at the drills section. So many drills, very similar to each other – how to make your pick?

Well, that wouldn’t be so confusing if you know what you are looking for, right? But as a newbie, you may won’t be able to differentiate the models. So, to make it easier, this is what you need to focus on.

  • Types of cordless drills
  • Configuration
  • Features
  • Comfort and design

In addition, here is a brief explanation for each category. Without waiting for any second longer, let’s go.

Types of cordless drills

First of all, find the right type of drill that is suitable for you. Your decision to go with a cordless drill is fine, but there is much more than that.

The question you will need to ask yourself is – for what do you want to use the drill? The answer to this question is in the chuck, or, the part that secures the bits at the end of any drill. So, according to the chuck, there are 3 main types of cordless drills:

Heavy-duty drills – are designed for the most difficult tasks, making holes through the thickest materials. So, if you intend to drill holes into bricks, you will need a battery of this type. But, unless you are a professional, you won’t need this type of drill.

General-use drills – generally, this is the drill most of the people really need. It can make holes in wood and although it can’t handle the most difficult tasks, it is a very powerful drill. It is something in between, not the basic drill, but also not one for tough demands.

Light-duty drills – if you need a drill to fix things in and around your house, then you should go for the light-duty drill. Don’t let the battery fool you – its motor is less powerful compared to other two types, however, this drill is a must-have for every household.

Type of drill Chuck Battery
Heavy-duty drill 1/2 inches 18-24V
General use drill 3/8 inches 12V
Light-duty drill 1/4 inches 12-20V


If you ever bought any cordless drill, you may have noticed that not every model comes with a battery, or with a charger, and that of course, determines its price.

The reasons for that can be countless – you may already have a battery from another tool that is compatible with your new drill, or you just feel like you don’t need the extra kit.

Whatever your reasons are, here are all of the compositions you can find:

  • A tool with one (or two, depends on the model) battery and a charger
    This is basically everything you need, a tool with all its parts in order to function properly. If you are buying a tool from a brand you haven’t used before, this option is recommended.
  • A kit (collection of several tools)
    In case you fell in love with a particular brand and you want to buy several power tools from it at once, the best thing to do is to buy a full kit.
  • Bare tool (no battery or charger)
    You have been using another power tool from the same brand and you found out that the battery is compatible with the drill you want to buy too. Since it is pointless to buy another battery as you already have one, the best option is to go for the bare tool.


Power tools nowadays have many different features. However, when it comes to cordless drills, these are the basic features that you need to look for.

Size of the chuck

As we already mentioned, the chuck size defines the type of the drill. Heavy-duty drills have chucks of ½ inches, while light ones have chucks of ¼ inches. So, the bigger the chuck is, the more powerful the drill is.

In addition to this, the chuck can be a limit for the shank size of all of the bits you can use for that particular drill.


We can’t forget the motor – go for a brushless motor as it has reduced friction and the power they drain from the battery is adjusted based on the difficulty of the task. This type of motor is one of the most used amongst drills, and there is nothing to worry about since almost every manufacturer will give you several years warranty.


Batteries again, define the power of the drill, but also the run-time. Most of the heavy-duty drills have 18V batteries, which is way more powerful compared to the 12V of a light-duty model. However, there is another thing to consider and that is the run-time.

The power means nothing if your drill can’t be used for a longer period of time, and the time needed for recharging the batteries is also important, which is why you need to be careful about the next feature.


The issue you may face with the battery is its overcharging. However, most of the new chargers solve this problem and they have an indicator that shows the energy level of the battery while it is charging.

Is that all?

Well, not really. Like it or not, drills nowadays have other features that have proven to be very useful. So, it is not rare to find a drill with a LED light, belt clips, bit accessories, etc.

Comfort and design of a cordless drill

Forget about the brand, the features and so on – if the drill doesn’t fit comfortably in your hand, that is not the model you need. However, think about how that will feel after hours of use. You will become tired, your hand will start to shake – will you still be able to finish the task.

And about the design, drills come in several versions- you should find the right type that gives you the most comfort, balance and less strain when operating with the tool.

Best cordless drill brands


This company is present on the market for more than 90 years – which is a proof for a brand that the consumers value.

It was founded in 1925, and since then it puts much effort into creating tools for the toughest demands.

Their specialty?

Creating products for the consumers with high expectations. Once you buy a tool from this manufacturer, you just can’t go for another brand.

However, we have to mention one negative aspect – the price. Festool provides tools for professionals, and we can’t say anything bad for the quality. But, if you like their models, you will have to pay the price which is expensive.


Another great manufacturer that is specialized in heavy-duty tools, but also hand tools and other accessories.

It was founded in 1924, and even today their models are a symbol of performance and durability.

First drill

Milwaukee is the creator of the first drill. It was a portable, lightweight one-handed drill that was the starting point for the drills we have today.

Many contractors prefer using this brand and there is a quite good reason behind that. Milwaukee provides models of good quality, for a normal price, as they are not as expensive as the ones from the previous manufacturer.


Makita was the first company to create and sell portable electric planners. However, they produce a huge variety of tools.

This company was founded in 1915, as an electric motor sales and repair company. Many years after, people rely on Makita for many activities that include their cordless drills.

Brand name

Makita produces a variety of power tools, from chainsaws to drills. People often choose to go for a brand name and Makita doesn’t want to betray their consumers.

Their cordless tools are quite good quality and you can get them for a quite fair price.

Related: cordless vs battery powered tools

Best budget/inexpensive/low cost/cheap cordless drill

A common question that I hear is “What is the best budget cordless drill?”. The answer depends on what you consider as “budget”. The models listed in the ‘under $50’, ‘under $75’ and even ‘under $100’ categories above could be considered as inexpensive, low cost or cheap cordless drills. However, just because they are low price models does not mean that they are all bad. Even the models in the ‘under $200’ and ‘under $300’ category could be considered as affordable cordless drills.

The Kreg drill jig kit

The Kreg drill jig kit is a really useful tool for screwing two pieces of wood together. Forget glue or nails, the Kreg jig beats those options easily. Attaching two pieces of wood this way is super strong and does not need to look unsightly. It is great for building or fixing broken furniture.

Check out the different Kreg drill jig options and current price here on Amazon.


Nowadays, the market is full of drills. However, not all of them have the performances you need.

I hope that after reading this article you will be able to recognize what makes a quality drill.

You can find many models from great manufacturers, for different needs and different prices as well. You have many models to choose from and the decision is up to you.

Here again are my best of the best in each price category:


You think we missed a great model or have something to add? Feel free to post in in the comment section.

Best Table Saw

Another tool that every serious woodworker needs is a table saw! Check out my review of table saws here:

Best Oscillating Multi Tool

An oscillating tool is a great all rounder tool that is great for DIY and renovation projects. If you are into renovation and DIY, you may want to read my oscillating multi tool review here:

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