How to make grass green fast

How to make grass green fast

If you have a lawn, and most people do, it looks best when it is a lush green color. It looks more appealing and can improve the whole feel of your garden.

The good news is that you can make your grass greener fast. In just a few days you can see a noticeable difference in the color of your lawn.

However, if you have areas of brown or yellow dead or diseased grass, this is a bigger problem and will take longer to fix around a month or so. IF YOUR GRASS IS DEAD OR DISEASED DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUIDE. This guide is to improve the color of live lawn.


For grass that is NOT dead or diseased, you can follow these simple steps to make your grass greener in a few short days.

  • Mow your lawn regularly, keeping it to about 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Aerate your lawn.
  • In hot and dry weather, in the cooler time (at night) water your thoroughly lawn 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Add a nitrogen-based lawn fertilizer.
  • Add a garden lawn iron supplement.
  • Weed your lawn.

Mowing your lawn

Mowing your lawn helps keep it healthy and maintain color

Mowing your lawn helps keep it healthy and maintain color

Regularly mowing your lawn will not only make it look nicer but can make it healthier. Also, if you are moving regularly you do not need to use the catcher and can leave a small amount of clippings on the lawn (which helps the organic content of your soil) without it looking unsightly.

You should keep the grass level so that it is not too short as if it is too short it will die easily and create unsightly brown or yellow patches and let the weeds take over.

Moving can also help to keep some types of weeds from growing.

Aerate your lawn

Lawn aeration shoes

Lawn aeration shoes

Lawn aeration fork

Lawn aeration fork

Lawn aeration gadget roller

Lawn aeration gadget roller

Aerating your lawn just means putting a lot of small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and other nutrients to get deeper into the soil. Aerating your soil also helps reduce soil compaction and helps your lawn roots grow deeper and stronger.

There are various products available that can help you easily aerate your lawn including:

  • Spikes that attach to your shoes.
  • Garden forks.
  • Other gadgets.

Watering your lawn

watering your grass helps to keep it green and lush

Watering your grass helps to keep it green and lush

Watering your lawn in summer months is important so that it does not dry out and die. Longer and less frequent watering is better as it allows the water to soak into the lower layers of the soil and does not evaporate quickly. It also encourages the lawn roots to grow deeper away from the surface and become stronger.

The best time to water is usually in the cooler times, such as at night time. This way less water will evaporate and more water will get stored in the soil and used by the grass.

Fertilizing your lawn


Lawn fertilizer can help improve the color of your lawn

Lawn fertilizer can help improve the color of your lawn

A good nitrogen-based lawn fertilizer (in combination with watering) will help boost your lawn’s growing power and green color. However, more is not always better. Too much nitrogen based fertilizer can be bad for your lawn so always follow the directions on the fertilizer packet. Usually, you will need to water the lawn directly after you apply the fertilizer so that the fertilizer gets to the roots where your lawn can absorb it. The best type of fertilizer is compost. Check out my article about making compost here.

Adding a lawn iron supplement

lawn iron supplement

Lawn iron supplement

All plants need iron to function. Essential functions like chlorophyll & enzyme production, nitrogen-fixing and other growth and development functions depend on the plant having available iron.

Low levels of iron in your soil can impede the health, growth, and appearance of your lawn (and other plants). A common symptom of low iron levels is that plants will have dull green or yellow leaves.

Adding a lawn iron supplement can make more iron available to your lawn and increase the intensity or the green color.

Be careful where you apply an iron supplement as they can stain. If it is applied on a driveway or walkway it can be difficult to remove.

Weeding your lawn

Weeds can be unsightly and create and overall uneven green color as different weeds are more or less green than your grass.

By pulling the weeds by hand or using pre-emergent and post-emergent selective herbicides you can keep weeds to a minimum.

Be care full of non-selective herbicides as they can also kill your lawn and cause a brown dead patch.

Things You Will Need

  • Lawnmower
  • Lawn aerator
  • Garden hose and sprinklers
  • Nitrogen lawn fertilizer
  • Lawn Iron soil supplement


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