Best chipper shredder mulcher for composting review

Best chipper shredder mulcher for composting review [2018]

If you have a lot of garden debris, for example, because you have a lot of trees or shrubs that you prune or that lose their branches, you may want to buy a wood chipper shredder mulcher to turn it into wood chips and compost.

There is a number of benefits buying and using a chipper shredder mulcher. The main benefit is that they can turn all of your garden waste, such as leaves, twigs and small branches, into woodchips, mulch and or compost. Then you can use that on your garden. It is a kind of on-site, personal recycling in your garden.

Adding woodchips or mulch onto your garden can have a range of benefits. These include helping to keep down weeds, keeping the soil moist and insulating the soil from frost and cold temperatures in the winter or heat and dehydration in the summer. Of course, your garden plants love all of these things and will reward you with a healthy, thriving, low maintenance garden.

Benefits of a Wood Chipper Shredder mulcher

The benefits of owning a chipper are many here are a few:

Cheap woodchips and mulch

Instead of going out and buying woodchips and mulch you can make your own. Turn on your wood chipper and toss in your garden waste.

compost from woodchips & plan matter

On-site recycling

Instead of needing to find a way of disposing of your garden refuse that can be costly and time-consuming, like taking it to a green waste disposal center, you can process your waste at home and use it for a beneficial purpose at home.

Best chipper shredder mulcher for composting review

Tidy garden

Because it is easier to process your garden waste, you don’t need to leave unsightly garden debris around. It will make your garden neater and tidier. You will feel that your garden is a more attractive place to go and relax.

Neat and tidy garden


Healthier garden

Woodchips and mulch are great for your soil. You will find that plants grown in soil with a higher organic matter (organic matter is your plant waste), will grow better and be healthier.

Woodchips and mulch are great for your soil - plant grow better

Less garden water use

Gardens with mulch and woodchips retain water better in summer months meaning that you do not need as much water on your plants.

Garden hose - Gardens with mulch and woodchips retain water better

Low maintenance garden

The mulch and woodchips will keep the weeds at bay. This means that you will need to spend less time pulling them out or using nasty chemicals to kill them. It will also mean that your garden will look nicer (without the weeds) longer between maintenance.

Compact machine

There a number of wood chipper shredder mulchers on the market these days that are suitable for home use and are quite compact and can easily fit in your garden shed or garage with your other gardening tools.

Portable machine

Most home use wood chippers are lightweight and have wheels and can be easily wheeled around by hand to where you want to do your chipping and shredding.

Electric corded or gas powered options

Chipper shredders mulchers that are suitable for home use comen in either electric corded or gas-powered models. Each type have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric corded chipper shredders mulchers for composting

With electric corded models, you don’t need to worry about messy gas and the engine issues that can trouble gas-powered engines. However, electric wood chipper shredders are usually lower powered and are limited by the size of materials that they are able to shred effectively. However, for most chipping & shredding jobs that a homeowner would do the power of a good electric corded shredder will be sufficient. The major limitation, however, is that you can only operate it within range of a power cord. So if you have a big block and want to do some shredding far away from a power outlet you may be out of luck with an electric model.

If you decide to go with an electric model I recommend the Patriot Products CSV-2515.

Gas powered chipper shredders mulchers for composting

With gas powered chipper shredders mulchers you are going to be able to get models that are more powerful than electric ones. This means that if you want to chip some larger branches (up to 3 inches in diameter) then you can get a good gas model that will handle this. They can still handel small branches, twigs, leaves and other debris and due to their extra power are able to be fed the debris quicker than a lower powered model. Some like the Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder – 205cc are quite powerful can scare some people. They also can be messy with gas, oil and the potential problems that come with gas-powered engines (gas-powered engines are not as low maintenance as electric engines).

NOTE: all chipper shredders should be treated with respect and safety precautions followed. They are not toys and for safety reasons should not be operated by children or when your capacity is impaired (when tired or after consuming alcohol or taking certain medicines).

If you want to read more about the models recommended here you can read my review of the best wood chipper shredders for home use. In my review, I cover the key features, pros, and cons of these models. I also provide a buying guide to what is important to consider when buying a wood chipper shredder.


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