Fiskars x5 vs x7, x10, x11, x15, x17, x25, x27, Iso Core 8 lb Maul - hatchet, axe and maul review

Fiskars x5 vs x7, x10, x11, x15, x17, x25, x27, Iso Core 8 lb Maul – hatchet, axe and maul review

Are you looking for a splitting maul, chopping axe or a hatchet to take camping? Whatever you need, Fiskars provides a huge variety of quality models that will help you do the job.

Read on for a complete guide to the best Fiskars hatchets, axes & mauls that will handle the each and every task.

However, before we jump into that, it helps to know the history behind Fiskars to understand why they are so popular today.

Here is a short summary of the development of the Fiskars brand over the years.

Fiskars development

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Does Fiskars own Gerber?

Chainsaw or axe?

Well, this is a very tough question. People have different opinions about this, so there isn’t one answer for everybody. But in this section, you will learn the difference between them, so you will decide for yourself.

Fiskars hatchet, axe and maul comparison table

Model Rating (out of 5) Weight (lb.) Length (In.) Best used for Head made of Handle made of
Fiskars x5  4  0.85  9.4 tinder, small chopping forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskars x7 4.6 1.38  14 chopping and kindling small to medium-sized logs forged steel fiberglass plastic
Gerber Sport Axe II 3.9 1.41 14 cutting and splitting small to medium-sized logs forged steel glass-filled nylon
Fiskars x10 4.6  2.2 17.5 splitting small logs forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskars x11 4.8  2.18 17 splitting small logs forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskars x15 4.7  3.45 23.5 felling trees forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskars x17 4.8  3.7 28 multi-purpose forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskars x25 4.8  5.4 28 splitting medium to large-sized logs forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskarsx27 4.8  5.85 36 splitting logs forged steel fiberglass plastic
Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Splitting maul 4.8  10.35 36 splitting chunks of wood forged steel fiberglass plastic

Before we go deep on each of the Fiskars X series hatchets, axes and mauls, you may want to watch this quick video overview.

Individual Fiskar Hatchet, Axe & Maul Reviews

Fiskars x5 Review

We will start our list with this small hatchet, that is designed for people who often go camping. Are you one of them? Check this out!

It is commonly known that axes & hatchets have wooden handles, right? Or that is why most of the people think, but the reality is much different.

So, what material could substitute the wood?

You need material that is strong, but also light, as you don’t want the axe to weigh much.  Well, Fiskars put much effort and that resulted in a handle even stronger than wood, made from fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Fiskars performed several tests showing that in situations when the wooden handle would break, the fiber handle would continue without problems.

Fiskars x5 Review

Also, there is another problem the traditional axe and hatchets have – the axe head may come off. But on this model, the head is integrated into the handle so it won’t fall off.

Plus, the hatchet is very comfortable and absorbs vibrations from impact, so operation won’t be a problem for you. It is a small hatchet, weighing only 0.85 pounds in total. Pretty lightweight, right?

You can easily remove the x5 head out of wood you are splitting, as it has a smooth coating on the blade. The coating is durable and the price for the x5 very low, compared to the quality you get.

It is a very good little hatchet that a camper, backpacker or hiker should consider for their kit. It is small, compact, easy to carry and not sensitive to moisture. Check out my complete review of the different axes and hatchets for camping, backpacking, and hiking here.

Fiskars axes can be divided into two groups – for heavy cutting and for lighter work.

It is obvious that this one can’t be used for heavy duties, but here is one tip how can you make a distinction between these two groups – the axes designed for lighter work usually have full black axe head.

So, if you camp often and need an axe, the x5 could be the best choice for you.

Small, compact, lightweight, easy to carry, the Fiskars x5 is the ideal model for tinder and small chopping and emergency purposes.

Lighter heads will have hard times with heavy duty tasks, so you will end up with a dull axe blade, and be tired from all the extra work that you are doing instead of the axe. The axe blade will dull after a while even with doing smaller tasks, but do not worry about it as you can sharpen it easily. Check out how to sharpen an ax here.

Don’t hesitate about buying it, you will fell in love with it as soon as it gets in your hand and this durable axe will stay with you forever. Sounds unreal? Well, it does have a lifetime warranty, which proves its durability.

Check the latest price for the Fiskars x5 here on Amazon, you can also check out the Gerber version of this hatchet here.

Fiskars x5 vs Gerber 90 inch hatchet review

As discussed elsewhere in this review, Gerber is the same company as Fiskars and product the same products but with the Gerber branding.


Fiskars x7 review

Was the previous (Fishkars x5) model a bit too small for your needs? No need to worry, check out the x7. This one is slightly larger.

First of all, when you are looking for an axe or hatchet to meet your needs, make a list of all the activities you are planning to do with it. So, if your plans include taking it camping or hiking and chopping and kindling small to medium sized logs, the x7 model may be the perfect pick for you.

Fiskars x7 review

It is an easy to carry model, great for campers and hikers. Here is why you should go with this model – it is a combination of great weight distribution, good blade with an extra sharp edge, and great design for maximum productivity.

Why do I say this? Well, this combination is designed so that the blade goes deeper when chopping the wood.

Still not convinced? Whilst everyone has their own preferences, some people state that, with the Fiskars x7, you can chop more, with less effort, and less hand strain. The weight is mostly in the blade where you need it to help with the chopping and splitting.

People who use it regularly, often state that it is similar to an aluminum baseball bat. But, how do you compare a bat and an axe?

Very simple, this model has a weight balance (more weight towards the head) that helps increase swing speed and multiply the power delivered to what you are chopping, so you will finish the task with less effort.

Fiskars x7 handle

It weighs only 1.38 pounds, which is very light for a hatchet of its type.

The Fiskars x7 has an ultra-sharp blade that goes through wood easily.

You don’t have to worry about sharpness as it will be very sharp when you buy it and after a while when the axe head gets dull, you can easily sharpen it so it will be same as when you first bought it.

Fiskars x7 axe head

Many axes have problems with handle strength, but that is not the case with the x7. The fiber comp handle won’t break due to overstrike and the handle is molded right around the axe head, which means there is absolutely no chance that the head will come off.

In other words, the Fiskars x7 is a way better pick than a traditional axe if you are concerned with these types of things. In addition, there is one more advantage we need to mention about the handle – it has a non-slipping grip that not only reduces the hand strain but also improves the control.

Want to hear something that seems unbelievable but isn’t?

The x7 has a lifetime warranty, which is a great sign that the manufacturer is confident that the x7 is very durable.

You can get it for a fairly cheap price, that is affordable for almost every outdoor enthusiast would agree on. So, what are you waiting for?

Check the latest price of the x7 here on Amazon.

The x7 is a budget hatchet every hiker can afford to have.


Gerber Sport Axe II review

Think that this looks just like the Fiskars x7? You are not the only one to think this.

They are very similar, this is actually a different model but only in branding. We mentioned that Fiskars owns Gerber, so this should be enough of an explanation how can these two axes can be so similar in everything except the name and color.

Want an easy way to tell the difference between these two axes? There is one easy way to tell the difference between them – the Fiskars model has an orange color, while the Gerber model has a bright green color.

Gerber Sport Axe II review

So, now let’s go through its specifications.

The Gerber Sport Axe II is a rugged, single-handed axe designed for campers. Why especially for campers?

It is small, compact and lightweight model, that is very easy to pack and carry.

Its head axe is made of forged steel with a low-friction surface coating, so your axe won’t get stuck into the wood.

The blade is extra sharp, and in case it gets dull, you can easily sharpen it.

We can’t forget about the Soft Touch over the fiberglass handle that is molded around the head of the axe. The reason for this is clear – if you miss the wood and hit the handle, there is no chance of the axe head to fly off.

Plus, the special design of the handle offers more comfort and less hand strain.

So, what are the activities you can perform with this model?

The Gerber Sport Axe II is one of the best models, if not the best in its category for cutting and splitting small to medium-sized logs.

So, if you are a camper, you are aware how useful this can be when preparing your campfire. This portable and compact axe is a good budget option to take when you go camping.

It isn’t heavy either, as it weighs only about 1.4 pounds.

Its total length is 14 inches, so you can put it in your rucksack as well and you will hardly notice that you are carrying it (compared to other models). Plus, you get a slim profile formed-plastic sheath.

It has a lifetime warranty and you can get it for a cheap price (check the latest price here on Amazon). The only doubt you may have is whether to go for this one or for the Fiskars model. However, whatever your choice is, this is an axe that every camper needs to consider.


Fiskars x10 Review

Enough of models for campers and hikers. Did you know that Fiskars have larger models too.

Well, if you answered yes, we have great news for you, there is something actually even better. So, if not for campers, who would use this model?

Mostly, it is used by carpenters, construction workers, and house owners. As a carpenter or construction worker, you may be aware of the importance of having an axe like this. But what is the purpose of having one of this as a house owner?

This axe will make it easier for you to finish your daily activities around your backyard. Splitting some wood if you have a wood fire or other tasks in the garden.

Fiskars x10 Review

How will you recognize this Fiskars model? Simple, it has a black and orange colors, make this axe stand in front of every other similar to it. However, the color isn’t the only reason why you should buy this axe.

What else should convince you of buying it?

It has a FibreComp handle that minimizes the fatigue, but provides a tough tool that is very hard to break. It is very light and durable, and with the hooked end, the risk of slipping out of your hands is down to a minimum.

But what do I mean by durable?

For example, if you miss with the head and the handle hits the wood, it won’t break. So, this axe is easy to use and also safe too.

It has a coated stainless steel blade, that can go through different types of wood. There is no chance that the axe head would fell off, as the handle is molded around the head.

So many advantages of this model, but, not everything is perfect.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it couldn’t be found easily on the market. So, even though it is a very good model, we would recommend to substitute it with something else.

Fiskars have many other models, and I am pretty sure that some of them can offer you the performances of this one. Then, why don’t you take a look at x11 or x15? There is a good reason why I recommend these models over the x10 and you will easily find the difference once you get those reviews. Don’t wait for any second longer, and let’s dive in.

Fiskars x11 Review

You have already tried many different models, but your journey for a perfect secondary axe isn’t over yet. You just can’t find the right model that will satisfy your needs for quick tasks.

If you are looking for a quality model, for your secondary axe, this is the right place.

Why don’t you take a look at the x11?

Fiskars x11 Review

It is designed for a one-handed use and it is best for splitting small logs.

You cannot use it for heavy-duty activities as the edge of the head axe will quickly become dull, although it is easy to sharpen.

As many of its Fiskars cousins, the x11 is a lightweight axe, easy to use, and with the ultra-sharp edge, you will have maximum performances. By maximum performances, I mean more effective wood dispersion, so with less effort, you will achieve more.

For example, using the x11, with one strike you can split each swing. Less effort, less time, less hand strain – isn’t this beautiful? What else can you expect from an axe?

It is perfectly balanced, and has a great power-to-weight ratio – the swing speed is increased so the power is multiplied, which is why people often compare this with an aluminum baseball bat.

So, what is new in this model?

Check this out – the advanced bevel convex blade geometry not only that adds power to the axe, but also makes it much easier to take the head out of the wood.

The x11 model has a non-stick blade coating that powers through the wood and prevents the head from getting stuck into it.

The proprietary blade-grinding technique provides a sharper edge, so the contact is better and the cuts are cleaner. Since the edge is very sharp, logically, it will get dull over time. You don’t have to worry about it, but you will have to sharpen it after a while.

However, this period is much longer than compared with the traditional axes, which is another advantage of this model that puts it in front of the traditional axes.

The PermaHead, or, the molded head of the axe is unbreakable and will not loosen over time and prevents breakage.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the handle – it is shock absorbing, lightweight, but don’t let that fool you as it is stronger than steel. Plus, it has a non-slip grip, so the hand strain is reduced and the control over the axe is maximized.

All in all, we can easily state that this model is a great choice for logs splitting. Axes don’t cost as much as chainsaws for the same purpose, so you can find this axe for a price of about $40-50.

Check the latest price of the x11 on Amazon.

It is definitively worth the price, and you shouldn’t doubt about buying it.


Fiskars x15 Review

Let me guess – you are reading this article until now in hope that you will find an axe for more serious tasks, but that seems to take ages, right?

Good news – the wait is over, here is the axe you were looking for.

People often say that the x15 is the “big brother of x7. I cannot decide whether that is true or not, so I will leave that up to your opinion.

Fiskars x15 Review

So, let’s go with a brief explanation of what makes this model so great.

To start off, let’s take a look at the sheath. Like any other model from the X series by Fiskars, the sheath is made from hard plastic.

It is not very beautiful when you see it, but it does its job. It is often compared to a container, but the important thing is that it is durable and functional.

Now, let’s continue with the head axe.

It is made from carbon steel, that has a non-stick coating.

Why is this important?

Well, thanks to this, your head doesn’t get stuck in the wood and you can take it out of it easily. When you get the axe, the edge on it will be perfectly sharpened, so you don’t need to worry about it. If the edge becomes dull, you will need to sharpen it by yourself.

More experienced users often ask questions like – how strong is the handle?

Even though it is made of plastic and not wood, the handle is very strong.

But, why plastic and not wood, we are still used to wood?

Here is the thing – the handle feels same as a wooden one, but the plastic offers several advantages that the wood would never have.

Firstly, the plastic weighs less than wood.

And secondly, or maybe more important, the special type of plastic is more durable – if you miss the wood and hit with the handle instead of the head of the axe, it won’t break.

Plus, with the plastic handle, there is no vibration when chopping, which we can’t say for a wooden handle. Also, the handle is much smaller compared to the traditional axe of its type, so the swing may be less powerful, but the transportation is easier.

What is this axe used for?

It seems bigger than the other we reviewed. The x15 is best used for felling trees.

Don’t let the shorter handle fool you – this model has a great weight distribution and a very sharp edge of the axe head.

So, people often prefer longer axes for this activity, as the swing will be bigger, but the x15 does the thing very good. With the extra sharp edge, you can go through any wood type.

So, if felling is your main activity, don’t look further for other models – this is the best pick for you. What is the price for it? You get this one for about $40-50, which is a fair price and a great deal of the tool you receive.

Check the latest price for the x15 here on Amazon.

Durable, branded axe that will finish the most difficult task – don’t hesitate any second.


Fiskars x17 Review

If you are one of those people who like to maintain their yards on their own, then I don’t have to explain the importance of having an axe.

And, not any axe, but a Fiskars x17.

So, why precisely this axe? Couldn’t any other do the job? Well, there is a clear reason why you should go with this one, so continue reading and you will find out.

Fiskars x17 Review

Fiskars continuously provides us axes that are very useful in finishing daily tasks.

Maybe you plan to go camping for a day or two, your friends called you to go hunting, or you need to pack yourself very fast and go somewhere, in all these situations one thing is crucial – you don’t want to carry an axe that is very big and heavy.

You need something that can be packed easily, you don’t want to walk around with your axe like a serial killer.

Although most of the time you will be using the axe in your yard, there are some situations that require going out of civilization. Whatever your plans are, the x17 is a good axe for both staying at home and camping.

Fiskars x17 is a lightweight model, with only 3.7 pounds in total weight. Yes, it is heavier than the other models, but it is capable of not only chopping and splitting but even felling trees.

With an overall length of 28 inches, the handle is just enough length for the ideal swing so the axe will get enough power to cut any type of wood. Then how can an axe of this length weigh only 3.7 pounds?

The secret is in the handle, which is made of fiberglass. That makes it lightweight, but is it as durable as a wooden handle?

Believe it or not, it is even more durable!

It has a firm gripping surface in much different weather conditions and it just won’t slip out of your hand.

Fiskars are so confident about their innovation in the handles, so they offer a lifetime warranty for the axes.

You can’t damage it even with overstrike, and the axe head won’t fell off, as the handle is molded right around the axe head.

Now, a bit about the head axe.

Basically, we can talk about a thinner head, for less resistance, and thicker one, for more resistance.

The first one goes to wood easily, so it is better for cutting, and the second one is better for splitting the wood.

So, what type of head does this model has? Well, it is a combination of the two types, which is why it is better for multipurpose use.

What is also good about this model is that you can choose from different sized handles, which define the price as well.

However, the minimum price for it is about $45-55, which is a good one for what you are getting.

Check the latest price for the x17 on Amazon.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose axe, don’t forget about the x17.

Fiskars x25 Review

Wait- there is more of Fiskars.

Are you looking for an axe designed for splitting medium and large logs within minutes?

We have a solution for you. Why don’t you check the Fiskars x25? What can this model offer? Continue reading to find out.

Fiskars x25 Review

Fiskars did a great job with this one, and here is why – you can split the wood with one strike.

This is very important as it means more efficiency, less operator fatigue and faster task completing.

The x25 is much like an aluminum baseball bat – with a perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio, with the increasing swing, the power is multiplied.

It has a convex blade geometry that adds power but also makes the blade easier to get it out from the wood.

Another thing that makes Fiskars better than other manufacturers is the unique head shape that disperses wood from the blade. The edge is very sharp, which offers cleaner cuts and better contact.

However, extra sharp blade means that it can get blunt quickly, but it is easy to sharpen. The good thing about this one is that hat the blade is made of hardened forged steel,  so it needs longer periods to get dull compared with the traditional axes.

Plus, the blade is non-stick, so it can’t be stuck in the wood.

But can you break the handle due to overstrike? Or, what if the head of the axe just fell off?

Even though the handle is made of special type of plastic, and not from wood, it is hard as steel, so there is absolutely no chance of breaking it.

It often happens to miss the wood and hit it with the handle, but no worries, this happens even to the most experienced users. Fiskars substituted the wood with a plastic that is not only lightweight, but it is more durable too.

And the FiberComp handle is molded around the axe head, so the head won’t come off. The handle has a non-slip grip so the hand strain is reduced and you have bigger control over the axe.

You get something more with this model and that is the sheath. The x25 has included a sheath that protects both the blade and the user.

The total weight of this axe is around 5.4 pounds, which is nothing for an axe of this type.

Fiskars produces quality and durable tools and there isn’t better proof for that than the lifetime warranty you get for the axe.

You can get this one for around $60-70, which is a pretty good deal for the quality of the product you receive.

Check the latest price for the x25 here on Amazon.

So, if this model fits your needs, buy it as you won’t regret it.


Fiskars x27 Review

As if that is not enough, we have another model for you. You have tried many axes, but none of them was the right one for you.

But have you checked the x27?

Pretty different from what you have seen before. So, let’s take a closer look at this model.

Basically, this model is designed for splitting logs into firewood.

Fiskars x25 Review

It has a handle of 36 inches which means you can apply more force with one swing. That is awesome, right?

The FiberComp handle is much lighter than wood, but is much stronger and durable – it won’t break if you miss with the axe head and allows faster swinging with the same amount of effort.

That is the main reason why people prefer an axe from Fiskars x-series rather than any other. Not only that the handle is lightweight, but it also has a non-slip grip at the end of it, and we can’t forget about the vibration absorbing chamber.

Why is this crucial? You don’t want to feel every wood fiber goes away as you chop the wood.

We mentioned before, that handles isn’t the only thing Fiskars is good at – they produce quality blades as well.

If you ever have used an axe, you know how hard is to use a dull blade. With the traditional axes, the blade becomes dull very quickly.

So, what did Fiskars to overcome this problem?

They used hardened forged steel for their blades that has a low-friction coating that helps the axe head to slide through the wood, so you won’t experience problems with your axe stuck in the wood.

In addition, the axe head has a unique design, it is ultra sharp, so you get more one stroke splits than any other axe.

Fiskars x27 axe head

People don’t want to change axes often. The reason for that is obvious – there are no same axes. How is that possible?

Even if you pick two same models from the same manufacturer, you will notice that they are slightly different. So, once you get used to one it isn’t easy to change it.

There are positions how to grab it, or how high to go with it before swinging, in other words – people don’t like often axe replacement.

The question is – how long will this axe last?

So, since it has a warranty of a lifetime, we can easily say that it is very durable. So, don’t let the lightweight design fool you – this is a quality axe.

Then, to sum up – lightweight handle, extra sharp blade, and good price, this is the axe you need. It costs about $45-55, which is a good price for the product you are getting. Check the latest price of the x27 on Amazon.


Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul Review

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this model. What makes it so special? What is so different? I am sure you are already impatient, so let’s begin.

Using an axe can be a good workout.

But not everyone wants to get tired while using it. Maybe you just want to finish the job with minimal effort. You may prefer other methods of exercising, what should you do?

Can this model help you? Of course, it can.

This maul offers intense wood splitting jobs without muscles fatigue. The forged steel is shaped in a concave, so you will get maximum of every swing.

Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul Review

The new thing here is the IsoCore Shock Control System that absorbs strike shock, reducing the punishment that would go on your body, as well as a double-layered handle that captures lingering vibrations.

The extra sharp blade splits the logs easily, and there is no way the head would fall off the handle, no matter how powerful your swings are. Like every other Fiskars model, the handle is molded around the head, which is a big advantage in the battle against the traditional axes.


Fiskars maul head

There is innovation in the handle too, as it is designed in a way to offer more comfort and security.

The texture on the handle is kind of weird, so many people don’t like it very much, but it does one thing very good – it prevents blisters. You don’t have to be its biggest fan, but you need to admit that it does its job.

This model from Fiskars is ideal for splitting wood or driving wedges and stakes.

The insulation sleeve captures the initial strike shock before it reaches our hand. Without any doubt, this model has the best handle as it reduces the vibration transferring 2X less shock.

Its length is 36 inches and it has passed many different tests for durability. So, if you are insecure if this handle is better than a wooden, then ISO ratings should convince you in that.

Plus, you get a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this maul.

It all comes to this – how much are you willing to pay for this one. It is selling for around $65, so you should give it a try.

Check the latest price of the Fiskars maul on Amazon.

It is your money – your decisions, but you won’t regret buying this maul.

Plus, it isn’t something that you buy often, so you pay once and you use this for a long period.


Model vs model comparison

Fiskars x5 vs Fiskars x7

The Fiskars x5 weighs 0.85 pounds and its length is 9.4 inches. It is best used for tinder and small chopping, which is why people consider it as the best model for campers.

Fiskars x5 vs Fiskars x7

On the other side, the x7 weighs a bit more, to be more precise, 1.38 pounds and its length is 14 inches. This model is used for different activities, like chopping and kindling small to medium sized logs.

However, both axes are made from the same material, so they have a head axe of forged steel and a handle made of fiberglass plastic. Fiskars noticed great performances with both materials, so that is why they implemented it into all of the models from their x-series.

Check the latest price for the Fiskars x5 here on Amazon

Check the latest price of the Fiskars x7 here on Amazon.

Fiskars x7 vs Fiskars x10 vs Fiskars x11 vs Fiskars x15

As we said, the Fiskars x7 weighs 1.38 pounds and its length is 14 inches. It is best for chopping and kindling small to medium logs.

The Fiskars x10 weighs a bit more, with 2.2 pounds in total weight and its length is 17.5 inches. What do you use this for?

Well, carpentry and woodwork are what this model is suitable for.

The x11 weighs about 2.18 pounds and its length is 17 inches. This one is used for splitting small logs.

Lastly, the x15 weighs more than all of the above, with 3.45 pounds in total weight, but its length is 23.5 inches.

The x15 is the best Fiskars model for felling trees.

All of the models have a head axe made of forged steel, and their handles are made of fiberglass plastic.

Check the latest price of the x7 here on Amazon

Check the latest price of the x10 here on Amazon

Check the latest price of the x11 here on Amazon

Check the latest price for the x15 here on Amazon.


Fiskars x11 vs Fiskars x15 vs Fiskars x17 vs Fiskars x25

The first model weighs 2.18 pounds and its length is 17 inches. What activities can you use this for? It is the best model you can find for splitting small logs, which is why people often go for this as their secondary axe.

The Fiskars x15 weighs more, more precisely, 3,45 pounds and it is the best pick for felling trees.

But can you find an axe for multi-purpose use?

Luckily, there is a model for you and that is the x17. It weighs 3.7 pounds and its length is 28 inches.

Finally, if you need an axe for splitting medium to large logs, go with the x25. It weighs 5.4 pounds and its length is 28 inches.

The only thing that we can say for all of these models is that their heads are made of forged steel and their handles are made of fiberglass plastic.

Check the latest price of the x11 here on Amazon

Check the latest price for the x15 here on Amazon

Check the latest price for the x17 here on Amazon

Check the latest price for the x25 here on Amazon.

Fiskars x11 vs Fiskars x15 vs Fiskars x17 vs Fiskars x25

Fiskars x25 vs Fiskars x27 vs Fiskars Iso Core 8lb Maul

The Fiskars x25 is the best pick you can make for splitting medium to large-sized logs. This model weighs 5.4 pounds and its length is 28 inches.

The x27 is pretty similar to this one, it is designed for splitting logs, but it is a bit bigger and heavier. Its length is 36 inches and it weighs 5.85 pounds.

What about the maul?

The maul is designed for splitting chunks of wood, and like any other maul, this has a length of 36 inches. Since it is bigger, it weighs a bit more, and its total weight is 10.35 pounds.

Again, all of them have a head axe made of forged steel and a handle made of fiberglass plastic.

Check the latest price for the x25 here on Amazon

Check the latest price of the x27 on Amazon

Check the latest price of the Fiskars maul on Amazon.

Gerber Sport Axe II vs Fiskars x7

As you will notice, these models are very similar, and if you need to pick one from these you are facing one of the toughest choices in your life.

What makes them so similar?
The Gerber model weighs ~1.4 pounds and its total length is 14 inches. It has a handle made of glass-filled nylon, which is pretty different from the other model. It is designed for cutting and splitting small to medium-sized logs.

On the other hand, we have the Fiskars model, again, a camping axe. It weighs 1.38 pounds and its length is 14 inches. As you can see, there isn’t really any difference here. The Fiskars x7 is best for chopping and kindling small to medium-sized logs and its handle is made of fiberglass plastic.

However, there is one thing that they definitively have in common and that is the material of their axe heads- both are made of forged steel.


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