Fun things to bring camping

24 Fun Things to Bring Camping: What to Take to Make Your Trip a Joy!

Camping is one of the activities that one can do with friends or family during summertime while you enjoy outdoors. In any case, there’s no denying that outdoor activities like camping take a considerable amount of organizing, depending on where you live and how big your family is!

Fun Camping Ideas and Activities

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Be that as it may, there are a lot of approaches to make camping less demanding, less distressing, and subsequently more fun! What’s more, you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment to do it. Below are some fun things to bring camping that can keep everyone entertained and happy. These are mainly ideas for camping in a group, so if you are camping solo some may not work for you. So here are the fun camping ideas:

1. Sleeping bag onesie

This helps because it is very warm and cozy. Whether you want to sleep with blankets on or without, a onesie got you covered. Check some out here.

2. Pocket shower

Some camping sites may have a problem with the showering system hence pocket shower comes in handy even in areas where space is limited. Get one here.

3. Water trampoline

A water trampoline is the in thing to expand your fun when camping beside the water. Get one with fast inflator so you can be out of the water bouncing around in a matter of moments!

4. Portable camp kitchen

camping camp kitchen

We all know camping without food is no fun. Get a portable kitchen that has all the necessities that is, hold a stove, sink and all the cooking equipment.

5. Camping Fishing rod

When you are out in the wilderness or the great outdoors, what is more fun than catching your own healthy dinner? If you bring some fishing gear you can enjoy the fishing experience as well as the possibility of fresh fish for dinner. Choose one here.

6. Hunting knife

Camping can involve a lot of activities like hunting and fishing. A hunting knife would, therefore, come in handy when it comes to skinning the animals, preparing food or cutting ropes. A decent outdoors knife is basic and ought to have the capacity to do at any rate the majority of these things.

7. Fire starters

fire starters - start a campfire

Open air fires can be a problem to start, particularly if the fire place or wood is damp. You can make the entire fire-starting procedure much simpler by bringing a couple of custom made fire starters alongside you! Simply get out the lint trap in your dryer, and stuff the lint into a cardboard tissue tube. Stack your logs, put the fire starter some place close to the base of the stack, and then light it. If that is too complex there are also commercially made fire starters available.

8. Portable Generator

portable generator

Yes, you can go camping and have power, if you bring a generator. So, all the fun things that need power, like a camp refrigerator to keep your food and drink cool and fresh, lights, mosquito zappers, phones etc… can be powered up and used when you bring a generator. Need to buy a generator? Check out my post about quiet portable generators for RVs, camping, travel trailers & tailgating.

9. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are fun to ride while camping. You can use them around the park and can be a good way of exercising.

10. Playing cards

Playing cards also are fun whilst sitting around camp and are very easy to carry around. Another great outdoors inspired card game is Kids Scavenger Hunt (a card game for Indoors or Outdoors). You could even hide some toys or other objects and go on a real scavenger hunt.

11. Camera

Family outdoors trips are a prime chance to snap some photographs. The normally excellent view gives the ideal setting to postured pictures and real to life shots. How genuine you need to be about picture taking is altogether up to you; most mobile phones nowadays have their own particular cameras, yet more committed photographic artists may wish to bring along their own gadgets. In the event that your family frequently goes camping, and you’re occupied with excellent photography, consider putting resources into a good camera. You can locate various models that are both water-and stun safe, which will work well for you. Get yourself a new camera so you have clear pictures of your trip.

12. Swimming gear

Fun Camping Ideas & Activities- Swimming

In the event that the great camping trip takes you to a lake or shoreline, make certain to bring all the important embellishments. Bathing suits are clearly first on the rundown, trailed by anything your kid needs to feel great in the water. This could incorporate water wings, swim balances or an existence vest. Goggles or a swim veil may be a smart thought, as well. And after that there’s the recreational equipment, for example, inner tubes, pontoons, volleyballs, among other things – there’s unending enjoyable activities to be done in the water. Fortunately, many of these items are inflatable, and hence not a problem to pack.

13. Hammock

fun things to bring to camp - A Hammock

Fun things to bring to camp – A Hammock

A hammock can be great for relaxing. I like to call them the rocking chair for laying down. Another great thing about a hammock is that you are off the ground so there is less chance of encountering bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies. Choose from a range of hammock here.

14. Hatchet

A hatchet is smaller than an axe but that doesn’t mean that it is limited in terms of performance. It is recommended for camping for it is suitable for tasks like chopping wood for a campfire & wood carving. Make sure that you have one with a sheath to avoid accidents. Check out this review about the best hatchet for camping or buy my recommended hatchet here. If you are on a budget the Fiskars x5 axe is a smaller cheaper option.

15. Camping hand saw

A camp hand saw is a great compliment or alternative to a camp hatchet. You can saw your lows with the saw before splitting them with the hatchet ready for the campfire. There are other wood related uses for a camping saw. Read my review of the best hiking, backpacking, trekking, camping or survival hand saws here.

16. Hiking gear

No camping trip is finished without a climb through the encompassing wild, so ensure everybody in the family is set up to do some real strolling. Make sure to pack legitimate climbing shoes, thick socks and wraps for any blisters that may show up. Strolling sticks and a compass can likewise be useful, contingent upon how rough the ground is, and how a long way from the campground you’re wanting to meander. Ensure that each person has the best gear that can either be removed or put on depending on the weather. Check out some camping gear here.

17. Books for around the campfire

Another relaxing activity to get ready for is story time. Convey a few books from home to peruse before snoozes, sleep time, or at whatever point you and your children need to accomplish something relaxing. While you’re pressing, request that your youngster enable you to select which books to bring. Recommend pressing a couple of all-around favorite top choices, and also get to introduce new stories.

18. Camping flashlight or lamp

Some of the camping sites do not have adequate light. Some are actually very dark hence one is advised to come with a flashlight actually each their own. This will help the kids move around at night as well as feel secure. Choose a flashlight or lamp here.

19. Chessboard

Bringing a chessboard for your camping trip sounds like a fun idea. If you are more of a person who likes to sit by the campfire and do something interesting and more relaxing to pass the time while you are making that delicious barbeque, then chess is the game for you. So next time do not forget to bring it with you, along with your portable chairs and a small table if you like. This chess board kit is great for camping.

20. Musical instrument

There is nothing more relaxing, enjoyable and fun at the same time than sitting by the lovely and warm campfire and playing or listening to one of your favorite songs while singing along with your friends and family. You can bring instruments like guitar, mandolin, violin, a flute or maybe even a harmonica, whichever instrument you find suitable for your camping trip and you know it is going to make things much more fun and enjoyable. So pack that guitar and get ready to make fun memories with your dearest.

21. Football or frisbee

When you are out in nature and feel like playing something why not bring a football or even a frisbee with you? They are not things that take to much space in your luggage and are a great and fun way to spend time with your friends and loved ones and make your trip much more enjoyable. Get a Wilson football here, it is a Wilson so if you do happen to get stranded Tom Hanks style you can use Wilson as your friend (sorry… Movie reference there).

I like this glow in the dark frisbee. When you have glow in the dark stuff the fun does not need to end just because the sun went down.

22. Bocce ball

Bocce ball is a great outdoor game that everyone can play no matter their age, size or physical strength or fitness. You could even play it over a few drinks if they appeals to you. Get Bocce balls here.

23. Camping bingo

Are you planning on taking your kids to go camping with you? Then why not take a few camping bingo sheets for your kids to keep them entertained. The camping bingo game is a game where you look at the images on your paper and you have to see or find and cross all the items on the list. Whoever gets all their items checked first calls out BINGO and wins the game. It is a fun way to keep your kids and yourselves as well entertained. Get it here.

24. Camping shower

A camping shower my not sound that exciting but wait till the end of the day after sweating or getting in the dirt or salt water. You will be so happy you took a camping shower along. Don’t forget the water! Find one here.

Hot tip: Bring some duct tape along. You never know when it can come in handy. If you puncture your camp shower bag or make a hole in your tent, duct tape can save the day. I have duct taped a few damaged items and you will be supprised how durable it can be!

Those are some fun things to bring camping and they will help you have the time of your life and create some fond memories. You may want to make yourself a camping checklist for what you want to bring along. I have found that having a camping checklist means that preparing for a trip is a lot quicker and stress free.

After you have packed all your cool things to bring camping you may also want to consider the things you need for camping.

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Do you have a fun idea, clever idea or great tips for camping? Leave it in the comments! I hope that you enjoy camping and your outdoor adventure with some of these cool camping ideas.


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