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Fun things to take camping

Do you like camping? Camping can be a great outdoor activity. However, it pays to be prepared! Check out these articles:

Stay safe and have fun when enjoying the outdoors!

full cord of firewood

A wood fireplace can be a great source of heating and also create a great ambiance, what is better than a hot chocolate by a wood fire?  But if you have a wood fire you need some firewood. Did you know that firewood can be measured different ways. Once way is by the cord. Do you know what is a cord of firewood? Other firewood measurement include a rick or rank of wood.

Fun things to take camping Split wood

If you cut your own firewood you are also going to need to split it. When people start cutting their own firewood they don’t know how to use a splitter. Check out this article about how to use a wood splitter. It also includes the different wood splitting options.

hatchet at camp site

Camping and backpacking can be a great outdoor activity for the whole family. One of the most enjoyable parts of camping and backpacking is sitting by the camp fire at the end of the day. But to have a good campfire you need some firewood. Check out this review of the best axes & hatches for camping, backpacking, hiking and survival. I hope that this will help you choose a good axe or hatchet that you can take so that you have a great trip.

hatchet at camp site

If you have a garden or fell trees chances are you are going to have branches & leaves that you will need to do something with. Instead of leaving it in a brush pile a better option can be to chip the branches & shred shred the leaves to make mulch for your garden. For this you will need a chipper shredder. If you want to know which chipper shredder to buy check out this review about the Best wood chipper shredder for home use. With a good wood chipper, you can clean up your yard and have a great looking and low maintenance garden with a free source of mulch.

Chainsaw cutting a log

A chainsaw can be a versatile tool, if you have a garden or chop your own firewood a chainsaw can be very handy and it is a good idea to buy a good quality one that will be easy to use and last a long time. If you are unsure which one to buy check out these reviews to determine the best chainsaw for your needs. 

Wood lathe turning a bowl

You can make all kinds of cool stuff with a wood lathe, bowls, lamps, cups & goblets, chair legs and other great stuff. It all starts with having a great wood lathe and the right tools. If you are interested to start wooed turning you may be interested in this review of the best wood lathes. A hand made wood cup or bowl can also be a great personal gift.

hatchet at camp site

Are you prepared for winter? In the words of Ned Stark, Winter is coming!

If you live where it snows you may be interested in this review of the best snow blowers for the money. Once you use a snow blower you will never want to go back to using a snow shovel!

hatchet at camp site

Do love the power that your generator provides but HATE the annoying sound that it makes when you are enjoying the sounds of nature on your camping, RV or travel trailer trip? Maybe you can’t hear the TV over your generator when you are tail gating. You need a quieter generator. Check out my review of the quietest portable generators. Having power does not mean that you need to have excessive motor noise.