Best Miter Saw for the DIY Homeowner (home use)

Best Miter Saw for the DIY Homeowner (home use)

Have you been looking for the appropriate miter saw for your DIY projects?

I have spent hours researching the top 5 models that could be a great addition to your collection. If you find it helpful please share it with others.

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Remember this: everyone has different budgets but if you plan to become a professional then you should consider spending a bit more.

Here are my top picks under each price category:

If you’re a professional then I suggest you check out The Best Miter Saws Review for more advanced models.

Have a close look at the full description of each model so you don’t miss anything out!

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How to Choose the Best Miter Saw for the DIY Homeowner [Buying Guide]

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There are a few things that I want to go over before starting out with the descriptions.

My guess is that there are new workers looking for a miter saw to start out.

If you already own a miter saw then let me refresh your mind before picking a model.

Here are the most important specifications you should look at:


You should look at the amperage of the motor. If the amperage is higher then there’s more cutting power. This depends on your type of projects so if work with tougher woods then you should look for a model with higher amperage.

Blade Size:

This is pretty important too. Again, it completely depends on what you’re going to be working with but you should know that a larger blade diameter can make longer cuts.

Positive Stops:

Positive stops allow you to make accurate cuts on a specific angle, some models have a few more positive stops than others. This helps when working with detailed projects. It’s better to look for a model with more positive stops because it saves time when setting up a cut.

Depth Stops:

This allows you to adjust the height of the blade. This is pretty convenient because you are able to control how deeply the blade cuts into the piece.


This is very personal and you should think about the projects you have in mind, the type of wood you’re going to be using and the size of the workpiece. There are definitely some advanced models that are a bit expensive but if you plan to develop your skills then it’s worth spending more. If you’re a beginner then look for an affordable and simpler model that can help you start out.

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Best Homeowner Miter Saw Under $100

The Homecraft H26-260L is manufactured by Delta.

The model runs on a 14 amp motor.

This saw can reach 5500 RPM, which is the fastest from the review.

This is convenient for DIYers that work with tougher woods because the blade spins a lot faster which makes the cuts easier.

It comes with a 10 inch blade diameter which is appropriate for most projects.

The model weighs 31 pounds which makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

If you work on both inside and outside environments, it’s important that your saw is lightweight.

Another feature I like is the built-in laser, this is a great guide for workers that don’t have much experience.

I give this model 4 stars. It has good features and an affordable price.

Go check out the latest price of the Delta Homecraft H26-260L here on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Laser
  • Arbor lock
  • Lockout switch
  • 31 pounds


Pros Cons
Quiet Not for heavy-duty
Safety features


Best DIY Miter Saw Under $150

The Black & Decker M1850BD works with a 9 amp motor.

The B&D miter saw

The B&D M1850BD miter saw

This saw has a blade diameter of 7- ¼ inches. It’s the smallest from the review.

This model would make a great pick for beginners. It’s not as powerful as other models but it’s a great option for small DIY projects.

Another advantage is the price, if you’re looking for a saw to start developing your skills but don’t want to spend too much then this is the best choice.

It’s also a lightweight model which makes it easy to move around.

It has a carrying handle which makes transportation comfortable.

It comes with 9 positive stops which is a good amount of options for new workers.

Overall, I give this model 4 stars. The brand is very reliable and it has great features.

Take a look at the latest price of the Black+Decker M1850BD here on Amazon.

Look at the Owner’s Manual here.

Key Features

  • 17 pounds
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Portable
Pros Cons
Good price Not for heavy-duty
Easy to use


Best DIY Miter Saw Under $150 Runner Up

The Hitachi C10FCE2 has a 15 amp motor that can reach 5000 RPM.

The Hitachi C10FCE2

The Hitachi C10FCE2

This is by far the most powerful model, which makes it a great pick for workers that use harder types of woods.

The model has a blade diameter of 10 inches.

It has a 0° – 52° miter angle range which is important to achieve greater versability.

This model is a good option for users that work with bigger pieces.

It comes with a large extended flip fence which allows bigger pieces to have support.

One more thing, it comes with thumb activated positive stops which makes these adjustments a lot quicker.

I give this saw 4.5 stars. This model has advanced features that require a bit of experience.

Check out the current price and the latest customer reviews of the Hitachi C10FCE2 here on Amazon.

Look at the Owner’s Manual here.

Key Features

  • 26.3 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Dust bag


Pros Cons
Lightweight No laser
Good price


Best Home Use Miter Saw Under $200

The DEWALT DW715 runs on a 15 amp motor.



This saw can reach 4000 RPM.

This model is a bit more expensive than the previous products.

I recommend this option for advanced DIYers that require a heavy-duty model.

It has a blade diameter of 12 inches which is the largest from the review.

It comes with 11 positive stops and 3 hardened steel bevel stops which allows the user to have greater productivity.

It has fence support for bigger workpieces.

One more thing, it comes with a carrying handle which can be helpful when moving the model.

The previous feature is very important when working with larger pieces because you’re probably going to need to work outside.

I rate this model with 5 stars. It has outstanding features and it has great reviews.

Have a look at the current price of the DEWALT DW715 here on Amazon for more details.

Look at the Owner’s Manual here.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Safety features
  • Durable
Pros Cons
Great quality A bit expensive
Large blade diameter


Best Miter Saw Under $300

The Makita LS1040 has a 15 amp motor that can reach 4600 RPM.

The Makita LS1040

The Makita LS1040

This model has a 10 inch blade diameter.

It comes with 9 positive stops.

It has a precision machined aluminum base which ensures accurate cuts.

Like the previous model, this one too is a bit expensive. If you have a bigger budget and are looking for a high-quality miter saw then this is a good option.

It comes with a shaft lock which makes blade changes easy and quick.

In comparison to the Dewalt model, this saw only comes with a year of warranty which isn’t much.

I rate this model 4 stars.

Check out the latest price of the Makita LS1040 here on Amazon for more information.

Look at the Owner’s Manual here.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Shaft lock
  • Pivot arm
Pros Cons
Well-built A bit expensive
Easy to operate


Best Miter Saws for the DIY Homeowner – Comparison Table

Comparison of all the models side by side.

Model Rating Power Blade Length Speed Warranty Price
Delta Homecraft H26-260L 4 stars 14 amps 10 inches 5500 RPM 3 years $$
Black+Decker M1850BD 4 stars 9 amps 7- ¼ inches 2 years $
Hitachi C10FCE2 4.5 stars 15 amps 10 inches 5000 RPM 5 years $$
DEWALT DW715 5 stars 15 amps 12 inches 4000 RPM 3 years $$$
Makita LS1040 4 stars 15 amps 10 inches 4600 RPM 1 year $$$



That’s about it.

I hope I helped you pick a model.

Remember to go over the specifications carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Here’s a quick run-through my top picks:

Happy shopping!

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