Best Gift Ideas For An Outdoor Man To Help Him Enjoy The Backcountry

Best Gift Ideas For An Outdoor Man To Help Him Enjoy The Backcountry

Whether those outdoorsy men in your life are experienced campers or complete beginners, having the right gear and equipment can be essential. So, why not treat him to a gift he’ll truly appreciate? If you’re stuck for ideas, then don’t worry, there are plenty of fun things that you can take camping they would make a great gift or maybe you just want the camping essentials. From portable stoves to storm-proof matches, there’s sure to be something for everyone, and these gifts are sure to keep on giving for years to come.

Lightweight Tent

For those outdoors-men who enjoy going on solo expeditions, a lightweight tent is a must. There’s a range of different models on the market, including some that weigh as little as 5 oz—perfect for stashing away in their backpack during those long hikes. You might even consider buying a pop-up tent to make his life just that little bit easier.

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Waterproof Backpack

No hike is complete without a sturdy backpack. They’re ideal for storing all those other nifty gadgets you’ll be buying him, and there’s a wide range of different options available. With a waterproof backpack, he’ll also be able to keep his spare clothes and belongings nice and dry, perfect during those rainy months.

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Stormproof Matches

Every experienced hiker understands that the weather can turn in an instant, so help him stay prepared with a set of good quality stormproof matches. While there’s nothing wrong buying a trusty flint and rod, these matches are far easier to use than traditional alternatives and can be used come rain, snow, or hail. They’re easily portable too, meaning they can fit in his backpack or pocket for easy access.

Personal Water filter

While it’s generally a good idea for hikers to pack more water than they actually need, there’s no telling what might happen in the wilderness. A good quality personal water filter won’t just be practical, but it very well may save his life. There are several different designs out there so think carefully before you choose. Straw filters are convenient and lightweight, while gravity filters will allow him to store more water when travelling.

Camping Hammock

Camping hammocks can be a great alternative to carrying a tent around. Not only are they lightweight and portable, but they’re also easy to set up, saving your loved ones precious time while enjoying themselves in the wilderness. Other benefits include a more comfortable sleep, and they’re great for experiencing the outdoors in all its glory.

Portable Camping Shower

While everyone loves the great outdoors, staying fresh and clean can often be a problem. So, why not make your loved one’s life easier with a portable camping shower? No longer will he have to dip into the nearest stream. It makes a great gift when paired with a water filter, providing clean, fresh water on hand at all times.

Survival Knife

A solid survival knife is another must-have addition to every camper’s arsenal. There’s a number of different tools out there, so think carefully before you buy. A smaller multi-tool will be perfect for those delicate tasks, while you may wish to buy a more durable knife for more serious tasks such as chopping firewood.

Camping Axe or hand saw

A good camping axe or outdoor hand saw is great to take with you if you are going to be staying overnight and will chop firewood. It can also double as a hammer to help with those tent pegs in hard ground.

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Sleeping Bag

A good quality sleeping bag makes for a perfect gift idea, and your loved ones are sure to thank you during those cold nights. There’s a wide range out there, but a decent heavy-duty bag should last them for years to come. If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy a separate sleeping pad, too, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep each time.

Mini Camping Stove

While nothing beats a traditional camping fire, a mini stove can save a great deal of time and effort in the long run. Some models are even small enough to fit inside a backpack or pouch, perfect when boiling water or cooking meals on the fly. They can be great for keeping warm too and are a must-have for any camper’s collection.

Solar Panel Charger

Even though many of us go camping to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, more and more people are beginning to hit the woods with their phones or electronics in tow. Whether they want to kick back and relax with their favourite tunes, or they just need to keep their phone charged in case of emergencies, they’re sure to get plenty of use from a portable solar-powered charger.

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