Who invented the circular saw?

A circular saw is a very useful tool, and it is considered as one of the greatest inventions. You can find it in many variations, for different tasks, in different prices, from several manufacturers.

I am pretty sure that many of you are enjoying the benefits of this tool daily. I don’t refer that you are using this tool every day, but you are using the objects built using it.

While reading this, you could be sitting on a chair, with your computer placed on the desk you have recently built. And I guess you wouldn’t like to use any other desk apart from it.

Once you build a piece of furniture on your own, you will get that satisfaction and you will continue creating new things.

The circular saw, or the benefits from it are present in your everyday life. But have you ever wondered what is the creative mind that stands behind the creation of this machine?

Who designed this machine that makes our lives easier? Is it a man or a woman? Think about this for a while.

History of the circular saw

The beginnings of this versatile tool date from 1777, as Samuel Miller get the award British Patent for a machine that was considered to be the first circular saw.

Several years later Gervinus, a German inventor built something similar to it, even though the Dutch claimed that they invented it centuries before.

Later on, the circular saw is considered to be Walter Taylor’s invention. It is true that he was a great inventor, but although he used blades, there is no evidence that the circular saw we recognize today is his creation.

As you can see, many men claimed that the circular saw is their creation, but there is no evidence for it. So, who is the real creator of it?

Who invented the circular saw?

“It is a man’s world”, as James Brown says, but women’s creations also have a big impact on our lives.

So, I mentioned several men names that are believed to be the creators of the circular saw, but surprisingly or not, a woman invented this tool.

And her name is Tabitha Babbitt – thanks to her you were able to build that desk. She was a Shaker woman and the circular saw was designed by her.

Her inspiration?

She saw two Shaker men having a hard time with a wood using a pit saw, as they would have to move forward and backward and that required much energy.

Plus, notice that the pit saw cuts only in one direction. This means that the pulling the saw in one direction is just a waste of energy with no results.

The output? Tired workers and more time to finish the task.

Did you know that skilsaw were the first company to mass product portable circular saws.

What did Tabitha do?

She made a disk and made it spin as she was pushing the pedal. That seems very simple, but this invention was really helpful for the workers.

She wanted to make a bigger tool for the sawmill – and that is how the humanity got a new tool, the circle saw, or as you know it – the circular saw.

To conclude, that is how you transform a problem into a solution that will serve many people around the globe. If you use the circular saw regularly, I guess this was useful info for you.

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