Weirdly shaped fruits & vegetables that look like other things

Weirdly shaped fruits & vegetables that look like something else

~🥒 + 🦆 = Zucchini rubber ducky

Zucchini rubber ducky

Zucchini rubber ducky Source: Alex Gee

Don’t you just want to play with this rubber duck shaped Zucchini? I do!

🐻 + 🥔 = Teddy bear potato

teddy bear potato

Teddy bear potato


Mr Teddy bear potato I want to hug you!

🐧 + 🐧 + 🍆 = Pair of eggplant penguins

Pair of eggplant penguins

Pair of eggplant penguins Source: weirdvegetables

This pair of eggplant penguins look like they are having a conversation.

🥕+🥕 +🤗 = Hugging carrots

hugging carrots

Hugging carrots Source: kevorkian82

Give me a hug mommy carrot!

ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ + 🥔 = Seal sweet potato

Sea lion sweet potato

Sea lion sweet potato Source: uglyfruitandveg

Arf arf. What a sweet sea lion!

~🍠 + 🦶 = Raddish foot

Raddish foot

Raddish foot Source:

This radish has grown a foot. The first step when trying to run away!

🥕 + 🥕 + 💋 + 🤗 = Kissing carrots

kissing carrots

Kissing carrots Source: TheBatarang

“Give me a kiss” said the baby carrot to the mommy carrot.

🌶️ + ✊ = Green pepper fist

green pepper fist

Green pepper fist Source: designgrl

A vegetable with extra punch!

🥥 + 😐 = Coconut head

coconut head

Coconut head Source: ma_greens

Great hair style but bit of a nut!

🎃 + 🐉 = Dragon pumpkin

dragon pumpkin

Dragon pumpkin Source: uglypatty

This dragon pumpkin has a thin neck and head and pumpkiny body.

🍅 + 👃 = Big nose tomato

big nose tomato

Big nose tomato

Nice to smell you Mr Tomato!

🙁 + 🍏 = Sad face emoji apple

sad face emoji apple

Sad face emoji apple

For when you have left your electronic device at home. Send your sad face message via fruit! 🙁 🙁.

~🍆 + 🦆 = Sleeping duck squash

sleeping duck squash

Sleeping duck squash Source: marsha*morningstar

Good night little duck squash. Dream of being a read duck.

😄 + 🥔 = Smiling emoji potato

smiling emoji potato

Smiling emoji 😄 potato Source: JavierMcDrizzle

Smiling emoji 😄 potato. For when a sad apple emoji cannot express your happiness.

😱 + 🌶️ = Screaming emoji peppers

screaming emoji peppers

Screaming emoji peppers

Screaming emoji 😱 peppers. Even more non-digital emoji communication via fruit and vegies.

🥔 + 😮 = Potato face

potato face

Potato face

Mr potato face, what are those spots on your face? Is it contagious?

🍄 + 🙂 = Mushroom face

mushroom face

Mushroom face

Mr Mushroom face was kept in the dark and fed manure.

🥔 + ❤️ = Love heart potato

Love heart potato

Love heart potato

Who does not love a love heart potato?

🍎 + 🕺 + 🌀 = Man stuck in apple vortex

Man stuck in apple vortex

Man stuck in apple vortex Source: RascalsWager

Please, never let me be sucked into an apple vortex.

🍆 + 🙂 = Eggplant head

Eggplant head

Eggplant head Source: boredboarder8

Such a handsome eggplant head.

🐔 + 🍓 = Strawberry chicken

chicken strawberry

Strawberry chicken

Living is easier with eyes open. Strawberry chicken forever!

🌶 + 🍋 = Chilli lemon

Chilli lemon

Chilli lemon

This chilli is such a lemon, or is it the other way around?

🌶 + 💪 = Chilli bicep flex

chilli bicep flex

Chilli bicep flex

This chilli is so strong!

🥕 + ✋ = Carrot hand

carrot hand

Carrot hand

Please give me a hand. Please hand me that carrot hand. It will be so handy!

🦶 + 🥕 = Carrot foot

Carrot foot

Carrot foot

The next step in carrot evolution, grow feet and run away!

🍌 + 🍋 = Banana lemon

Banana lemon

Banana lemon

Hmmm… Lemana?

🦆 + 🍅 = Tomato Rubber Ducky

Red rubber ducky I want to eat you!

troll meme+ 🍓 = Troll face strawberry

troll face strawberry

Troll face strawberry

Troll face strawberry you scare me!

🦋 + 🍅 = Butterfly tomato

butterfly tomato

Butterfly tomato

🐍 + 🌶️ = Red pepper snake

red pepper snake

Red pepper snake

🔪 + 🥔 + 😐 + 😐 = Sliced potato faces

sliced potato faces

Sliced potato faces

🦢 + 🎃 = Swan preening

swan preening

A swan preening

What an elegant long necked swan preening its tail feathers.

🧠 + 🌶️ = Brain Pepper

human brain pepper

Brain Pepper

Ohh. you are so smart. Why didn’t i think of that!

👽 + 🍓 = Alien head strawberry

alien head strawberry

Alien head strawberry

🎵 + 🕺 + 🥕 = Rapping Carrot

rapping carrot

Rapping carrot Source: Tatsputin

Sing to me Mr Carrot!

Weirdly shaped fruits & vegetables that look like other stuff

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